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6 Ways To Get Bigger and Brighter Eyes

Simple tweaks like curling your eyelashes, grooming your brows and choosing bright colours will make your eyes look bigger and more dazzling.

We’ve all been through times we’ve wanted to erase the traces of a sleepless night by making our peepers seem bright and sparkly. We’ve also wondered about the best ways to make them the main focus of attention. Thankfully, with these smart and totally doable make-up tips, it’s easy to create the mirage we want.

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1. Contour your eyes too

Just like your face, you can contour your eyelids to give your eyes an amazing shape, open them up and make you look younger at the same time. Try applying some light brown shadow to the upper and lower eyelids and then highlight the outer corner of the eye with a light or pearly shade. For an even perkier look, you can also dab some white eyeliner under the eyebrow.

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2. Try the ombre trick

The ombre technique doesn’t only have to be for hair. The two-toned practice can make your eyes look bigger, helping them to pop. A great tip is to begin by adding a cream highlighter to your lids and the very inner corners of your eyes, which will make your eyeshadow adhere to the cream and show more prominently. Choose a light shade of shadow to match your eyes, and then use a darker one in the same hue on the creases of the eyelids.

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3. Choose bright colours

When it comes to choosing eyeshadows, bright shimmery shades are perfect for highlighting the shape of your eyes. In fact, anything that is on the bright side can make your eyes look bigger, including eye pencils and eyeliners. When used properly, pencils can give your peepers astonishing depth. You can experiment with purple or blue; the latter particularly counteracts dull, yellow hues. Blue also makes the whites of your eyes really stand out.

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4. Place colours correctly

Who doesn’t love a doe-eyed look? If you want to pull it off it, the most important thing is to add more colour at the middle of the lash line. To get the most effective results, concentrate on that middle part of the upper eyelid, as it is the widest part of your eye. Again, a shimmery neutral shadow is perfect for lighting things up.

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5. Shape up those brows

Turned-out, arched eyebrows give your eyes a flattering frame, and anything that highlights the eyes automatically opens them and makes them look bigger. So make sure your brows have a well-defined shape, and the good news is there are several ways to do this, from waxing and microblading to threading and tweezing. Keep in mind it’s better to clean up the areas above and below the brows. If you have naturally thin brows, you can fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil. Brushing the brows up and over is a fantastic way to help outline the brows.

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6. Curl your eyelashes

Flat lashes can cast a shadow on the eye area and make your eyes appear smaller, so you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out curled lashes will make them seem larger. So, before you try and fish out that mascara you love so much because it makes your lashes look so thick and long, make sure you use an eyelash curler first. It might be something we often forget to do, especially when we’re in a rush. But the short time it takes to curl your lashes can immediately help your eyes look wider and more open.

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