88th National Day: Here Are 88 Things to Do in Saudi At Least Once

KSA has it all, from the majestic elephant rock to a whole historic town made from clay. Let’s not forget the delicious cuisines with equally delicious views, and the bustling old and new markets filled with shoppers and hagglers. Scuba diving in the wonderous Red Sea, caving in the Jabal Qara, camping out in the empty quarter (if you dare), 4x4-ing on the Red Desert dunes, and so much more.

On the National Day of Saudi Arabia, we’d like to feature the peculiar things about the kingdom. Not the usual touristic listicles, but the real things suggested by locals; the details that make the country so mysterious, yet so inviting. Want to know how this conundrum works? Here are 88 things to wrap your head around:

1- Cave diving in Heet cave

2- Ride a cable car in Abha

3- Have Al Beik chicken

4- Have an Instagram photoshoot in Rijal Alma Village

5- Go graffiti hunting in Jeddah

6- Visit Ithra

7- Be a drifting racer for a day at FunXtreme in Riyadh

8- Experience the Yemeni infused cuisine of Najran city

9- Watch King Abdullah fountain at night in Riyadh

10- Try (or indulge in, if you already swing the green way) vegan food at Riyadh’s Sinless restaurant

11- Have brunch with an ocean backdrop at the Sunroom Cafe in Al Khobar

12- Re-live your childhood at Shallal Theme Park in Jeddah

13- Try mind-boggling riddles in Escape the Room SA in Khobar

14- Watch the sunset by the Al Rahma Mosque in Jeddah

15- Re-live history at the Hejaz Railway Museum in Medina

16- Visit a 2,000-year-old ghost town made of stone and mud in Al 'Ula

17- Get adventurous at “The Lonely Castle,” Al-Qasr al-Farid

18- Admire the architectural wonder of the KAFD Mosque, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

19- Never be without a date in Al Ahsa’s date farms

20- Take in the wonder of the Jebel Qahar mountains

21- Visit one of Saudi’s natural treasures: Al Kharrarah Park

22- Pretend you’re a royal when you visit Tabuk castle

23- Visit Scitech

24- Desert camping with Saudi Safari

25- Get pampered at one of these spas

26- Experience the extraordinary Hajj Pilgrimmage

27- Get a glimpse at what will soon be the tallest building in the world, Jeddah Tower

28- Shop till your drop at the Kingdom Centre Tower

29- Horseback riding at the Royalty Equestrian Club

30- Check out the coral houses in Jeddah made from the Red Sea corals

31- Try all the locally produced oud scents

32- Try camel milk, a specialty in the kingdom

33- Indulge in mouth watering street food at one of these food trucks

34- See all the sea wonder at Fakieh Aquarium (ladies-only night is Wednesday)

35- Enjoy British afternoon tea-time at Sky Lounge in the Kempinski, Al Khobar

36- Discover Armenian cuisine at Lusin Restaurant

37- Have dinner with a view at Tugra’s Turkish restaurant

38- Get a taste of Thai culture in the Thai Market in Dhahran

39- Get your juice on at Vitamin Palace

40- Feel mighty fine at one of these fine dining restaurants

41 Buy a vintage piece of jewelry in Owais Souq in Riyadh

42- Make Saudi native friends, so they’d invite you over for traditional home-cooked Kabsa

43- Try Mutabbaq from a street vendor

44- Delve into Chinese cuisine at Gulf Royal

45- Be amazed by the architecture of the KAPSARC Mosque

46- Dine at Cipriani on a Thursday Riyadh night

47- Look over Riyadh’s skyline from the Globe Lounge in Al Faisaliyah Centre Skyscraper in Riyadh

48- Do yoga next to the Yanbu Lakes in Yanbu

49- Try Section B’s scrumptious burgers

50- Feast your eyes on a wonderful lake surrounded by sand dune, in Al Ahsa

51- Try the Saudi x Italian pasta dish, Matazeez at the Najdi Village Restaurant

52- Take a trip to Rawdat Khuraim, KSA’s forest

53- Visit the dreamy Farasan Islands

54- Get a taste of Lebanon at Assir or Shababik

55- Book your own dining room at Sultana Moroccan Restaurant, Riyadh

56- Climb to the top of Raum Mountain

57- Unleash your inner artist at Gharem Studio by Najlan Gharem

58- Bargain at the old souk in Al Balad town in Jeddah

59- Visit the Riyadh Zoo

60- If you’re a skateboarding fan, have a go at it in the Kaust Skatepark in Thuwal

61- Go history hunting in the National Museum of KSA

62- Take a cooking lesson at Yalla Cook

63- Have a wonderful Ladies night at the Dardasha restaurant at the Park Hyatt Jeddah

64- Try the tantalizing pizza at Vera Pizza in Jeddah

65- Get a taste of Hawaii at Poke Bowl in Jeddah

66- Step out of your comfort zone and try Peruvian food at Peruvi

67- Feast your eyes on the flower carpets at Yanbu

68- Drive through Wadi Lajab for a once in a lifetime experience

69- Visit 500 years worth of history at the Ibrahim Palace in Al Hofuf region

70- Snap pictures of the Al Uqair Fort and the old town around it

71- Take a class with boxing powerhouse Hala al-Hamrani in her FLAG (Fight Like A Girl) gym

72- Rejuvinate at the Half Moon beach in Dammam

73- Get on a ferry ride with your loved on at the Al Marjan Islands

74- Ride a bicycle on the Dammam Corniche

75- Take a walk on the “Edge of the world” in Riyadh

76- Take on authentic Saudi culture at the Janadriyah Festival

77- Jump your worries away at the trampolines at Skyzone

78- Have a day out at the gorgeous Wadi Hanifa wetlands

79- Go quad biking in the red sand dunes

80- Try going into the Haunted House of Jeddah, if you dare

81- Have you ever seen a volcanic crater? Now you can at Wahba Crater

82- Catch the latest feature at one of the newly opened movie theaters

83- Try the stuffed dates or the date shakes at Bateel stores

84- Attend the magnificent Souk Okaz Festival

85- Go windsurfing at the Durrat Al Arus Resort, even if you’re a beginner

86- Shop at Sid, a cool concept boutique located in both Jeddah and Riyadh

87- Visit the stunning Al Tayebat Museum, especially during the evening when the glass windows light up

88- Check out the wonders of Diriyeh village


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