Saudi Arabian Women Are Driving their Kids to School

It has been less than three months since Saudi Arabia made history by officially lifting the driving ban on women in the Kingdom and now history is being made once again as women not only take control of the wheel but also take their kids to school. All across the globe, the new academic year has already begun and for the first time ever, Saudi Arabian women are inserting the key into the ignition and driving their children to class and back.

According to Saudi Gazette, the start of the school year was traditionally a time when Saudi Arabian families would look for expat drivers to take their children to schools, a phenomenon that has now drastically changed with many mothers having taken up the duty of transporting their children on their own. This has not only reduced expenses on Saudi families but has also proved to be a welcome change allowing mothers to have more quality time with their kids.

Speaking to Al Arabiya English, Halima Bheir, a Saudi Arabian online personality who documented her first time driving her children to school, said, “The decision to allow women to drive has shown a positive impact for many mothers and women working in the education sector in Saudi Arabia.”

She also went on to explain that, before the driving ban was rescinded, she faced problems sending her children to school, saying, “I was living in constant worries because of the daily follow-up with the drive, but at the moment I am happy to be able to follow up on all my children’s affairs, driving them to the school. There are many Saudi female teachers, and employees who benefited from this decision easing cost of transport and drivers.”

The lifting of the ban on women driving in the Kingdom was seen as a historic move that gained overwhelming support not only in the Saudi Arabia, but across the globe. To date, more than 120,000 women have applied or expressed interest in obtaining a driving license.

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