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Cirque De Soleil Takes to the Stage in Saudi Arabia

With Saudi Arabia’s most recent reforms in the emerging arts and culture scene, the kingdom is becoming quite the entertainment hub.

Coming to Saudi Arabia for the first time ever is the world famous circus troupe, Cirque De Soleil, featuring acrobats, gymnasts, and contortionists who will be performing incredible stunts and dance sequences.

The spectacular show will take place on September 23rd in Riyadh at the King Fahd International Stadium, to correspond with the country’s national day. Cirque De Soleil consists of more than 80 artists who will all be partaking in the performance, that will also be broadcasted on Saudi state TV.

250 brand new costumes have been specifically made for the forthcoming performance in Saudi Arabia, as opposed to the regular form-fitting costumes, in order to adhere to local customs.

Still in the process of making essential changes to its entertainment sector, Saudi Arabia recently reopened cinemas after almost 40 years, and allowed men and women to attend concerts together rather than being seated separately.

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