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10 Hijabi Fashionistas You Should Be Following on Instagram

Be inspired by their beautiful looks and amazing sense of style.

Fashion can be an incredibly creative form of self-expression. These 10 women have mastered the styles to suit their personalities and lifestyles – and thankfully they’ve also decided to share their magnificent looks with the rest of the world! Regardless if you need some inspiration for your own outfits or if you’d like to be taken on a journey through beauty and style, you’ll definitely want to meet these 10 fashion-forward ladies!

Leena Asad, @withloveleena    
Leena’s account is all about fashion, but also about travel and lifestyle, health, and beauty in general. Like most fashionistas on this list, Leena reaches out to her fans through multiple social media platforms. Her Instagram focuses on outfits and styles that are grounded in a palette of soft, golden beiges and blush pinks pastels that are accentuated with pops of baby blue, light gray, terracotta, or crisp white.

The flowing fabrics of Leena’s looks are beautifully counterbalanced by the metallic or even wooden elements of her designer bags that are kept in the same color family as her clothes. Leena knows a million ways to style key statement pieces, especially the more expensive ones, so her account is also brilliant to draw inspiration when you need a fresh look at your own wardrobe or want to build a new look around a specific color palette.


Dina Tokio, @dinatokio
Dina Torkia AKA Dina Tokio is a force of nature. The newly published author is also a stylist, a designer and she runs an endlessly entertaining YouTube channel that draws from all aspects of her life. But her Instagram is where Dina’s own personal style really shines.


Une publication partagée par D I N A T O K I O (@dinatokio) le

The UK-based young mom of two leads an active life and while doing so, she also perfectly illustrates her energetic, outgoing personality with her sense of fashion. Dina embodies all of the many things that modern women can be and is true to herself while wearing anything from embroidered dresses to bold street styles.


I got some kind of weird allergic reaction under my eye today but it gave me a sinister edge so I took pics.

Une publication partagée par D I N A T O K I O (@dinatokio) le


Nabilah Kariem Peck, @nabilahkariem
Can you say “super cool”? The women’s magazine Marie Claire recently featured Nabilah’s “Elegant Day-To-Day Style” and it’s easy to see why she’s been making waves on social media and in fashion journals.

Nabilah’s signature style is incredibly bold and just so cutting edge. She masterfully mixes textures and solid colors (plus the occasional stripe or polka dot!) and has a great picker when it comes to statement pieces. The actual photography on her page also deserves a special shout out!


Are you a coffee or a tea girl?

Une publication partagée par Nabilah Kariem Peck (@nabilahkariem) le


Noor Tagouri, @noor
From the red carpet to the sports track, Noor can do (and wear!) it all. She was recently featured in the business magazine Forbes, where she talked about her journey to becoming the involved journalist and documentary filmmaker she is today.


Hollywood. @TheLAFashion

Une publication partagée par Noor Tagouri (@noor) le

There’s no doubt that her followers on Instagram have subscribed for various reasons, but there’s also no denying that her personal style is the main one. She knows how to dress for any occasion and it’s a delight to see that her sense of fashion is just as multifaceted and interesting as her career.


Marwa Atik, @marwaatik
Marwa’s creativity needed more than one outlet, so she took matters into her own hands and became a professional designer herself. When her sketches of unusual hijab designs drew attention from friends, she soon teamed up with her sister to launch their US-based label Vela (@velascarves).

Today she is not only influencing the market, but also shaping it with her handmade designs. Subscribers to her personal page can keep up with her signature style and that means, for the self-proclaimed “advocate for empowerment,” combining beautiful accessories with warm and soft colors that glow like the “golden hour” before sundown. All in all, this creates a sense of approachable luxury that’s been given a personal touch.


tore the doors off, foot out and rode that Jeep like a skateboard -Hov

Une publication partagée par marwa (@marwaatik) le


Farah Emara, @farahemara
Egyptian designer Farah Emara’s infectious smile lights up her entire Instagram account. The young founder of Wa Hekaya headpieces (@wahekaya) actually makes turbans and headbands, but also intricate couture ornaments and bespoke bridal pieces.


Thank you @saraelemarystudio

Une publication partagée par [email protected] (@farahemara) le

Her own designs feature heavily on her personal account but Farah also readily shares her spotlight by rocking the scarves and clothes of fellow designers and giving shout outs to her talented photographers. Farah’s turbans are the stars of her account but the rest of her signature style is also so distinct and aspirational that you know it’s just a matter of time before she finds even more ways to express herself through design.


"When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind"

Une publication partagée par [email protected] (@farahemara) le


Sally Ashour, @sallyomo
Classic, polished, elegant: Sally knows how to wear timeless pieces and exude effortless sophistication. Aside from black and white, her color palette draws mainly from blushes, creams and all shades of brown, with the occasional pop of bright red, muted pink, or dark green.


Love what you do

Une publication partagée par Sally Ashour (@sallyomo) le

The clean lines of her garments show just how much emphasis Sally puts on quality tailoring. There are nods to style icons of the 1950s and 60s, yet nothing Sally wears looks even slightly dated, which speaks to her command of advanced fashion. This style might appeal to the minimalist in us, but there’s also nothing simple about these pulled-together and deeply cool looks.



Une publication partagée par Sally Ashour (@sallyomo) le


Maria Alia, @mariaalia
Maria is an artist, editor, and influencer of Palestinian and Puerto Rican descent who is currently based in New York – and you can tell that she’s happy to show the Big Apple how it’s done.


Just a little drop of sunshine in the desert with @lorealmakeup #lorealleaguepartner

Une publication partagée par MARIA ALIA (@mariaalia) le

Maria’s fresh and effortless aesthetic has drawn a significant following and you can easily see why she’s becoming increasingly popular. She also likes to shake things up and readily offers a peak behind the scenes by offering her followers some quality tips and tricks. Sometimes Maria will feature a whole polished look and occasionally she’ll break it down to select cosmetics and accessories.


Sara Sabry, @sarasabry
Sara’s account could easily be taken for a travel page, yet despite the changing scenery, her outfits remain front and center. The globetrotting fashionista has a style that’s at once unique, but also highly versatile.

Sara’s photos feature her in places that are literally all around the globe: from India to Dubai, from Switzerland to Egypt, and from Italy to Jamaica–and she hits it out of the park, each and every time. What’s Sara’s secret to looking this good in every spot she touches down in, whether it’s the tropics or urban jungles? Maybe it’s that she mixes her core personal style with local elements to create an explosive fusion of creativity.


Actual deets for once #TapForDeets Tag a girl who could wear this outfit

Une publication partagée par Sara Sabry (@sarasabry) le


Dalal AlDoub, @dalalid                 
When it comes to sheer numbers, Dalal is in a league of her own… The Kuwait-based influencer has well over 2.3 million followers–and counting. Dalal has been a public figure on social media ever since her first she uploaded a hijab tutorial video over five years ago and she has since gone on to build a highly popular Youtube channel where she focuses on cosmetics and skin care.


لوس انجلوس مع جومالون #FromPoppyWithLove LA with @jomalonelondon

Une publication partagée par Dalal AlDoub (@dalalid) le

With her make-up always on point, Dalal’s Instagram also offers high-end looks that are carefully composed from a skillful mix of high-street pieces and luxury brands–not that anyone would be able to tell which is which after she completes her looks!

As you can see, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the endless creativity on these accounts. We hope that you’ve found something that appeals to your sense of fashion and that you’re inspired to continue your journey though style with these top 10 fashion bloggers. 

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