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Dreamy Décor: A Villa with a View of Cairo’s Porto Marina

This gorgeous villa in Cairo is a perfect example of how to combine Oriental and modern touches.

Located in the Porto Marina along the North Coast of Cairo is a villa featuring stunning interior design by Mohammed Alwakee. Working closly with the owners, the interior designer has created a haven, with glass walls opening views to the garden, the pool and the far stretching coastline.

The great outdoors

The outside sitting area  features benches as well as a huge Oriental-style sofa and a large wooden table topped with gold and silver themed accessories. There is also a glass display case in the form of a ship.

The outdoor dining area features an unusual table made of ancient wood and adorned with hand made artefacts  and a huge vase of flowers. It is surrounded by chairs in different designs. The nearby swimming pool is lined with sunloungers and surrounded by a garden filled with ornamental trees.

A warm welcome

Natural elements and modern design dominate the interior of the villa. The stone walls and wooden floors create a welcoming ambiance  and in the eentrance a modern chandelier hangs over a wooden table and a contemporary, Oriental-style chair. A bicycle is also on display as a fun addition.

A look at the living room

The living and dining areas are connected and the overall style is modern. In the living area there is a huge sofa and low seating made of leather and fabric. Another sofa in suede is located next to a couple of wooden seats in shades of turquoise and red. Three round silverplated tables are on display and several mirrors line the walls.

The dining area

The highlight of the dining area  is a square wooden table, which is hollow in the middle and topped with a marble  surface and a large plant. The dining chairs include four single grey chairs and two sofas decorated with buttons at the back. Attractive lighting, hanging down from the ceiling, adds a finishing touch.\

Two bedrooms

A staircase leads to the upstairs area, which features a bathroom, as well as the master bedroom with a grey stone wall. The bedside tables are lit by oblique lighting and an exquisite crystal chandelier hangs above a comfortable seating area.

The children’s room also has a grey stone wall, as well as two columned beds, with a night table in between, lit by indirect lighting. The designer added wooden doors to create a warm ambience.

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