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13 of Our Favorite Food Trucks Around Saudi Arabia

Perhaps one of the hidden elements of modern Saudi culture, these culinary street staples have been all the rage this year in the kingdom; they even appeared in Hajj. Everything from Far Eastern Bao buns to American loaded fries, street food is booming in Saudi Arabia, and rightfully so. The delicious connoisseurs that founded the following businesses made sure to make every last detail in their mobile restaurants up to shape, including everything from the staff’s attire to the packaging of the utensils.

Buckle up because there are over 30 trucks all around the kingdom, but our heart is set on only 14. Soon yours will be too:

1. She Station – Al Khobar


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Their highway fries might make the top 10 loaded fries we’ve had in the country, but don’t worry because everything else on the menu is equally as delicious. This truck is run by women for women, and they change up their decor every now and then. Today, you can actually sit inside the truck and have your meal in a mini-diner style setting. How cool is that?


Treat yourself to the best burger in town, right here at @she.station.

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2. The 60 Pasta - Riyadh 



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Pasta in bread bowls, need we say more? This mega-food truck is roaming the streets of Saudi Arabia with its huge vehicle ready to show you what true love feels like á la Penne Arrabbiata.


60 Pasta

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3. Dr. Fele - Jeddah
Nutella, Lotus, Kinder and fruits, all put together in a waffle (or crepe) made from your wildest dreams. This dessert food truck’s staff is always in scrubs making sure the cooking operations go as sweet as possible.


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4. Baozi - Riyadh
The famous steamed sandwich hailing from China took residence in the kingdom, and the Baozi truck made sure it remained authentic to its true form. Shrimp of Thrones and Chicken Bao are among many other delicious options you can have.

Although their truck is closed until further notice due to renovations and upgrading plans, their catering service is still going strong.


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5. The Exit Diner – Al Khobar 



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Taking American fast food to a whole new level. If the photos are making our mouths water, imagine what the actual taste will be like. Be sure to catch this truck, because comfort food never tasted any better than this.


Exit fries ..... if you like it spicy add jalapeños

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6. Khalti Nourah - Jeddah 


خالتي نوره مطعم متنقل فيه كل ما تشتهي وتتمنى وجبتنا متنوعه مأكولات رئيسيه مكرونات منتو كذاب جريش ووجبة الماليزي وساندوتشات ايطاليه وورق عنب ناااطع ومعجنات والحلويات متنوعه بعد ما بين بحر من النوتيلا مع خلطات الكيك المميزه وحلا يسرسح بالأيس كريم والكريب بالطريقه الأصليه الفرنسيه وما بين الكيك الانجليزي المميز بعين الجمل والكرامل وكيكة الفستق ألعربيه والكرك بخلطتنا المميزه والقهوه العربي الممتازه ( موقعنا ) حي الزهره امام تقاطع شارع حلمي كتبي على شارع احمد الباسط ينورنا حضوركم#jeddahfood #jeddah_ksa #jeddah #riyadh #khobar #jeddahfood #ksa #dubai

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They literally have everything your heart has and will ever desire, from traditional Saudi Arabian food, Malaysian dishes, Italian sandwiches to French desserts and English cake - how? Don’t ask they just do. 

7. The Shift – Jeddah, Medina 

The first food truck to open in Medina, this establishment has gained popularity around the kingdom with its to-die-for burgers and signature black packaging.

8. The Cube - Jeddah

Receiver of the first place award in the Food Trucks Challenge in Jeddah, The Cube specializes in desserts including waffles, ice cream, crepes, and drinks. Their creations come in, of course, cubes filled with ice cream, chocolate, or anything else you want. 


9. Street Chef - Jeddah


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Meet the first official food truck in Saudi Arabia; Street Chef, which only specializes in sliders and hot dogs. For a truck that only has two items on the menu, they sell out every single time they open shop. So this place is a must-try next time you’re around Jeddah.

10. Mr Potatoo (Mr. Batates) - Jeddah 


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Fried, baked, loaded, on-a-stick, covered in melted cheese, smothered in breaded chicken, buffalo-flavored, and the list doesn’t stop there. Potatoes are their specialty, so be sure to try them all, especially the most recent addition to their menu: The Buried Potatoes.

11. Serial Griller 

They’re always looking for the next burger victim, and we suggest you get in line ASAP, because not only is their branding on point, but their grilling as well.


For The Love Of Burgers

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12. The Burger Truck 

Another burger truck. Why? Because they have an explosive burger called the Volcano, and it will explode your taste buds like no other meal.

13. Purple Snow 



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Ice cream made from literally anything. Just look for the purple-lit truck and follow the amazing smell of their rolled ice cream bits.

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