Saudi Arabians Shed 12,500 Kilos Through the “Healthy Makes You Wealthy” Campaign

Al Abeer Medical Group

Two weeks before Ramadan, Abeer Medical Group, a leading healthcare provider in the Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East, launched a Kingdom-wide health campaign titled “Healthy Makes You Wealthy.”

With this campaign, the organization aimed to highlight to residents of the Kingdom the health benefits of fasting and healthier eating habits, offering a financial incentive for those who successfully shed weight during Ramadan. This week, the month-long “Healthy Makes You Wealthy” campaign announced impressive results from its campaign: 2,500 people registered to partake in the challenge and the collective total weight loss by all participants came in at a stunning 12,500 kilograms.

Mr. Mohmed Alungal, President of Al Abeer Group

The group, which owns and operates the best clinics and hospitals in Saudi Arabia, launched the campaign as part of its larger commitment to expand “awareness on the healthy lifestyles intended for the early prevention and treatment of diseases.”

Dr. Ahmad Alungal, Executive Director of Al Abeer Group

Dr. Ahmed Alungal, executive director of Abeer Group, explained to Saudi Gazette earlier this year that organization chose to launch the campaign during a time when Saudi Arabia is combating rising cases of obesity and increased risks of weight-related problems such as heart diseases and strokes.

He also explained that the choice to launch in Ramadan was a strategic one, as the holy month is an ideal period for many to work on changing or improving dietary habits, the overall discipline needed to change views on eating, and shedding extra weight.

Some of the “Healthy Makes Your Wealthy” campaign winners

In order to be announced as a winner, participants of the competition had to lose at least 7 kilograms. The majority of participants experienced weight loss of less than 7, while 123 contestants shed 7 or more kilos.

By following various weight loss tips offered by the group and by maintaining a disciplined lifestyle marked by regular exercise, better eating practices, consumption of less sugar, and so on, many contestants were able to reach the goal of the competition.

Followed by the highly acclaimed Anti-Smoking Campaign and the celebrated triumph of the Guinness World Record winning Diabetes Awareness Campaign in 2017, the “Healthy Makes You Wealthy” campaign is the third major large-scale edition of Abeer’s social-centric programs.

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