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Saudi Women Are Changing the Game with Diverse Social Development Ventures

The Saudi Innovations Group has been working for the past couple of weeks under the patronage of The Halycon Incubator program, and the results are quite ground-breaking: a whopping seven projects that aid in various aspects of social and community development, by fourteen Saudi Arabian women specialists.

The Halycon Incubator is a program that sponsors innovative minds stemming from various fields by provides them with resources to be able to flourish their ideas and projects. They are able to learn from their peers, gain experience and exposure on different things they could work with, and increase the calibre of their work. 

The group of female Saudi Arabians were part of the program in Washington, and after much simulation, support, research, trail and error, they have presented the projects, which will be implemented, and transformed from a PowerPoint presentation to an actual reality. Big names like Deloitte and Amazon Web Services gave the girls guidance and advice during workshops held in the program. 

Some of the projects included:

  • Taibah VR: a platform for Hajj pilgrims and tourists to experience a virtual reality tour of Medina. - Reem Dad, 22
  • Green Desert: a project that strives to raise awareness on recycling culture and help solve the problem of lack of waste recycling in the KSA. - Heba Zahid, 37
  • BitGo: a Pokemon Go-like augmented reality game that uses gamification techniques to encourage community service. - Asmaa Alabdallah, 22
  • An online on-click link between dentists, lab technicians, and labs, that will save time waiting for medical appointments and reports.
  • An online project that improves autistic children’s communications skills through games and educational activities, all in Arabic. 

The outcome of this program is no surprise as Saudi Arabian women have been under the spotlight for the past couple of months of a number of achievements in various fields including the arts, fashion, law, science, and sports. All of these revolutionary happenings are supported by Vision 2030, led by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman.

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