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Dr. Nadia Qurban: First Woman to Receive Tour Guide License in Jeddah

Saudi Arabian women have proved that they are more than capable of entering various male-dominant fields, and excelling in them. The most recent example of that is the tourism sector, where one Dr. Nadia Qurban is paving the way for other Saudi women.

Dr. Qurban is not only the first female tour guide, but she’s also a professor at King Abdulaziz University for Literature in the history and tourism department, a member of the Saudi Association of Tour Guides, a part of the Advisory Council, and a consultant in the Faculty of Tourism. She has held many positions in the sector, and has acquired, over the years, experience that enables her to hold this position smoothly.

In a talk with AboutHer, Dr. Nadia tells us about the importance of this step, “The inclusion of a female in the tourism sector is part of a wise prince’s vision. The tourism process is now complete and presented to both genders, now we can all contribute to showing different visitors the rich history of the kingdom.”

Saudi Tour Guides Association

Dr. Nadia thanked all parties involved in this for their support and empowerment of women, as she said, “I am very proud to be the first woman in Jeddah to receive a tourism license. I will try my best to be the best ambassador and façade for my country.”

“This profession is a noble one, because we will be introducing tourists with different nationalities about the reality of the Kingdom, its great history, and heritage,” she continued excitedly, “I hope that this will only be the beginning for women contribution in the tourism industry.”

Another major step in the direction of fulfilling Vision 2030, spearheaded by Saudi’s innovative crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman. 

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