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W. Britt Jewellery: Bonding Structural Elements with Classic Charm

There’s always an element of surprise in her pieces, which have been worn by stars like Mary J Blige and Kate Hudson, thanks to her passion for infusing dimension and substance.

Brittany Weiss

Hollywood divas never shy away from experimenting with their looks and adding zing to their style. And with Brittany Weiss, founder of W. Britt, doing wonders with the vibrant touch she gives her astonishingly beautiful creations, the market will never be out of options.

W. Britt is a contemporary, luxury jewellery line and since Weiss founded it, she has been making quite a few impressions in the fine jewellery field.

“My love for jewellery goes back as far as I can remember,” says Weiss. “I was always playing with my grandmother’s jewels, and I have always adored crafting. I really had a desire to put my heart and soul into discovering the opulence of sparkling metals. You will be surprised to know I constantly have my hands in some sort of designing.”

Crafting New Beginnings
Weiss studied the art of jewellery design throughout college, including her time in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Her stint at a design and engineering school also taught her the industrial and technical skills that have obviously inspired her work. The young, creative New Yorker’s only dream was to become a designer, something that came true when she finally made her debut with the “Assembly Line” collection. “The response I got was amazing,” she said. Her pieces became a red carpet staple, with stars like Mary J Blige, Kate Hudson and Kelly Rippa spotted in them.


Ringing in the New Year @therealmaryjblige #bigblockring #maryjblige

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However, Weiss always works towards crafting versatile pieces that can be worn just as easily while making errands. Another Weiss signature is juxtaposing masculine with feminine. With her inaugural collection, she shed light on the process of creation in a physical and conceptual sense. It emphasised on showcasing a perfect balance between urban elements and the beauty of classic refinement. Actually, it is the mechanical aspect of her designs that make her pieces unique and different. “I tend to be very detail and quality-oriented and precise with my designs,” she explained.

A World of Inspiration
According to Weiss, inspiration is all around. She’s always been fascinated with how things work and fit together, and the manufacturing process in general. “The shapes and silhouettes I draw from the urban landscape and incorporate into my designs are very thought-out, geometric and reductive,” she said.



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Some key stimulation springs from travel, and she is constantly inspired by architecture, the pace of city life, and all the unique contrasting elements in the cityscape that come together to create urban harmony. “I also enjoy studying art, photography, and industrial design. Taking all of the stimuli that surrounds me and refining it helps me to add my own perspective, especially after many, many rounds of revisions for the designs,” she said.

An adventurous, free-spirited clientele
While designing, the attractive brunette also develops a symbiotic relationship between the wearer and the jewellery itself. “The reason I work on creating this affiliation is to make each woman who wears W. Britt feel confident, powerful and individual,” Weiss explained.


Hex dangling earrings

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 Plus, she takes insight from the woman she envisions wearing her pieces and what her personal complexities might be. Weiss sees the W. Britt girl as one full of passion. “She loves fashion and is constantly in touch with the trends, but isn’t ruled by them. She likes to give them her own flair and isn’t afraid to experiment,” she described. Her clientele are also confident, savvy and driven, taking risks with a sense of adventure and there is that chic air of ease that defines them too.

Spreading those Design Wings
Weiss, who has many role models, specifically Miuccia Prada, moulds her designs using a wide range of materials. She utilises 18k yellow gold, rhodium, rose gold, and ruthenium plate on bronze, with semi-precious stones like black onyx, lapis, turquoise, howlite, carnelian, amazonite, and rose quartz.


Tie necklace and hoops. Coming to our website soon

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What’s more, she has branched out by using more natural elements like bone. She also has a pretty clear vision about how her brand will be growing in the years ahead. “My main goal at the moment is to continue to develop my collections. I aim to expand with other fashion accessories as well as industrial objects. I love the creative process and would love to delve into it as much as possible,” she said with characteristic determination. 

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