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These 5 Hijabi Beauty Influencers Are Taking Over Instagram


A few years ago, representations of visibly Muslim women in the fashion and beauty worlds were far and few. Today, however, with the versatility and reach that platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and SnapChat provide, finding a diversity of online bloggers and influencers has never been easier. With women from the region seeking out more relevant choices on how to represent their true selves, more and more hijabi style icons have taken note and are now leading the way. Here are five modest beauty bloggers who have continued to grow their influence in 2018 and who you should definitely be following today:

1. @SabinaHannan

This hijabi makeup artist and fashion influencer is renowned across the region and beyond. Sabina first gained fame on Instagram and quickly spread her reach across other platforms, from Twitter to YouTube. With almost half a million followers to date on the ‘gram, you can’t go wrong by taking a tip or two from this super popular style star on how to master the latest make-up trends out there.

2. @OsobBeauty

From her glittery mini beauty tutorials to her easy-to-follow videos on how to master contouring, Osob Beauty is indeed a makeup guru. Based in Canada, Osob is a Somali beauty influencer with almost 150,000 followers on Instagram. She is a master experimenter who can completely transform her face with cheek chiseling techniques, eye-popping colors, and more.

3. @___enimsay

Yasmine Simone, known on Instagram by her handle @___enimsay, is not only great at sharing stunning makeup trends, she also gives great tips on skincare, overall wellness, headwrap styles, and she definitely rocks the whole nose-ring look.

4. @dinatokio

Owning Instagram one like at a time, Dina Torkia has been going stronger over the past year, with a current following of around 1.4 million. This leading hijabi beauty influencer is UK-based, has made a name for herself across the globe, and is even set to launch her first book this year entitled “Modestly.”

5. @feeeeya

Dubai-based Saufeeya Goodson is a part-American, part-Moroccan fashion and beauty blogger with an Instagram profile that is pure pleasure to skim through. Her style is on point, her outfits are inspirational pieces, and rest assured if there is a look you seek, she’s got a post for you. 

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