Arab Celebrities Tweet Support After Lebanese Star Elissa’s Cancer Battle Reveal

Lebanese singer Elissa's new music video "Ila Kol Elli Bihebouni (To All Those Who Love me)" is a stellar work of art in the form of a campaign for the early detection of breast cancer.

The World Music Awards winner revealed she had been struggling with breast cancer, and urges urges women to always take precautions, as early detection can save lives.

The music video had shots of the singer in the hospital and on stage, where Elissa appears to be part of a circus-like, 1920s flapper show. The shots of her performing among the glitz and the glamor of the feathered headpieces, sequined outfits, and the dancers, often merge into the dreary hospital scenes.

The jump, portrayed in the video, between the two realities Elissa was facing, emphasizes her professionalism and work ethic; she’s metaphorically explaining to her audience that show business is her passion and life. Even when the latter was at risk, the show must go on.

And with the news breaking out that one of the Arab music scene's sweethearts was going through a malicious fight with cancer, this part of the world united together, and expressed multiple messages of support and respect for Elissa.

This is how some of the Middle East's biggest stars reacted to the news:

1-  Abed Fahed, Syrian actor


2- Hiba Tawaji, Lebanese soprano coloratura singer, actress, and director 


3- Maya Diab, Lebanese pop singer, actress and television personality 


4- Nancy Ajram, Lebanese singer 


5- Hend Sabry, Tunisian actress living in Egypt


6- Haifa Wehbe, Lebanese singer and actress 


7- Carole Samaha, Lebanese singer and actress


8- Daniella Rahme, Lebanese Actress and TV Presenter 


9- Mario Bassil, Lebanese comedian, actor, and producer


10- Mohamad Hamaki, Egyptian singer and Elissa’s fellow judge on “The Voice Ahla Sawt”


11- Bassam Fattouh, Lebanese celebrity makeup artist (who appeared in the music video) 


12- Neshan, Lebanese TV host 


13- Assi El Hallani, Lebanese singer and Elissa’s fellow judge on “The Voice Ahla Sawt” 


14- Ahlam al Shamsi, Emirati singer and Elissa’s fellow judge on “The Voice Ahla Sawt” 


15- Daniella Semaan, Lebanese socialite and wife of Spanish football star Cesc Fabregas 

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