Hakaya Misk Festival Shines a Spotlight on Young Saudi Talent

The Hakaya Misk festival, back for its 10th year, is a five-day event that showcases the works and ideas of young artists from Saudi Arabia and 11 other countries. The festival is taking place at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, where people can attend a variety of creative activities and workshops that have a huge emphasis on learning and development. The event has bought a range of successful youth projects together in film production, animation, writing, and theatre amongst others.

One of the sections of the festival is being designated to technology enthusiasts and creators who have designed tools to assist creative talents called “Hakaya Tech”.

The event has also introduced a new segment this year called “Behind the scenes”, which features film-production workshops that are hosted by renowned international companies. Attendees are given a rare opportunity to learn the lesser-known tricks used by the film industry, as well as benefit from the knowledge and experiences of established producers and directors.

The Hakaya Misk’s theatre, on the other hand, is set to showcase a number of daily performances and a selection of Saudi short films. Participants will get the chance to enjoy plays, the success stories of well-known actors, as well as moving humanitarian stories from those who work with the King Salman Relief Center.

Another important part of the festival is the Hakaya Al Murabitin, which highlights the work of those who document sacrifices made to protect the security of Saudi Arabia and its inhabitants.

The importance of this festival is its focus on empowering Saudi youths and encouraging them to discover their talents and abilities in the arts and technology sectors. It is believed that aiding young people to become involved in such projects will help to support Saudi’s Vision 2030 plan. Young people who had participated in Hakaya Misk in the past went on to use their creative capabilities in successful national projects. International and local media platforms are also participating in the event.

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