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11 Snacks that Will Help You Fight Fat This Summer

It's time to get snacking....

It’s time to get snacking…

Even though we need fat to keep us warm, protected, and alive, we all know that too much of a good thing can be, well, bad. So if you’re trying to still get rid of that extra weight you recently put on, or made a vow to stay in shape, here’s what you can do. Snack on these goodies instead of attacking that tempting caramel cheesecake or scrumptious packet of kettle chips!


Nuts attack weight gain by slowing the rises you get in blood sugar and curbing hunger. Just make sure nuts are a substitute for other snacks throughout the day.


You’ve probably already heard that fibre is the magic word when it comes weight loss. The great thing about fibre is that it keeps you satisfied throughout the day, and subsequently away from the fridge. Cranberries must be one of the most slimming snacks; can you believe they have fewer than 50 calories per 1 cup serving?


This big bird comes with the fewest calories compared to any other animal protein. Like dairy products, it contains the amino acid leucine, which may help play a role in maintaining muscle mass during weight loss.


Whether they’re sunny side up, boiled or scrambled, eggs are one of your best bets when watching your waistline. That’s because there probably isn’t any other food on our planet that packs more satisfying protein per calorie than eggs. All that brain-enhancing choline and fat-burning vitamin D also make eggs a super snack or breakfast choice.


Well here’s some great news for all you choc-aholics. Studies have found that those who eat dark chocolate chomp 15 percent fewer calories at their next meal and are less inclined to choose fatty, salty, sugary snacks.


People who eat apples often are less likely to develop metabolic syndrome and other obesity-related illnesses, according to research. Plus apples are a filling fuel, so munching on them helps you eat fewer calories throughout the day.


Before you stick your head in the fridge, make sure you are actually hungry. If it’s just boredom calling, then placate it by chewing on a stick of gum. You get to burn some more calories by moving your jaw up and down. Even though 11 odd calories might not seem much, things always add up in the end. Plus, you are avoiding the calories from other snacks.


Frozen veggies taste better than the fresh produce found in the aisles because they don’t turn into starch. Additionally, the freezing process seals in any naturally sweet flavour. The high fibre and low calorie combination of veggies like peas and corn, means they are satisfying as well! You can also use the same trick with fruits.


Evidence shows that dairy calcium helps weight loss, plus you get in some fibre and protein. However, zoom past the yogurt with sugar-filled fruits at the bottom and go for a low or zero fat, strained Greek version or labne. You can add a sweet touch by dropping in some chopped dates or apricots.   


Here’s a snack that’s high in fibre, low in fat and has a good source of soy protein. According to the “Journal of International Obesity”, soy protein helps your weight drop as well as ensuring that lost weight is fat rather than muscle.


We all have our “feeling blue” mood. If you’re contemplating watching a tearjerker with a bucket of ice cream by your side, take comfort in a frozen juice bar instead. They give you the same sweetness, along with some tang. They’ve got just a few calories and the added bonus of some vitamins. 

Snacking Tip:
Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants, and less food that is manufactured in plants!

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