The Couch Trip: Your Guide to Choosing the Right Couch

These golden rules will help you make the right decision when it comes to buying one of the largest and most important pieces of furniture.

A couch is not just an ordinary piece of furniture; it is an important investment in every home due to the marvellous effect it can have in a sitting area. When you’re thinking of buying a sofa for your home, you need to consider factors, other than way it looks.

Keeping in mind things like the quality, the materials, and colours, in addition, to making an appropriate choice that matches your lifestyle and the overall décor of your house, can be all too much at once. So, we’ve broken down the process and saved you the hassle:

Things to look for when sofa shopping:
1- Upholstery:
One of the first things you should do is make sure the lines in the upholstery are straight and proportionate, plus you should check the corners to ascertain consistency.
Take your time to look at the fabric at the back as well; it should be tight and free of any ripples. Plus, do your best not to forget to make sure the fabric’s lining does not show when sitting on it.

2- Structure: Your couch’s structure is one of the most important elements that determine its quality. Although the structure is hidden under the fabric, you can still scrutinise it: check the edges to discover the quality of the material, noting the corners should not make sharp sounds.
You can check by putting some pressure on different parts of the couch, if it has a good base, it should not make sounds.

3- Filling: Another thing you can add to your checklist is to move the seating’s filling and put some pressure on the lower cladding. One of the things for you to look out for is to see if the struts are flat, making the couch comfortable and long- lasting.

4- Pattern: When you select a sofa with patterns or impressions, you should make sure the print is concentrated in the middle to ensure the beauty of the piece is displayed perfectly.

5- Edges: Another check you should make is to ensure any metal parts on a couch are smooth, without any sharp edges.

6- Decorative additions: If the couch comes with decorative trinkets like buttons or special fabrics, make sure everything is secure.

7- Comfort: One of the best ways to decide if the couch is for you is to sit on it for a few minutes and try to see how comfortable it feels. High sofa seats are comfortable for a short time only and you could get tired if you sit for a long time. The depth of the seat should also suit your size, and the seats should support your back and aid relaxation.

Upholstery Fabric of the Sofa
The best way you can choose sofa fabric is to bear in mind where it is going to be placed. Here are some pros and cons to the most common fabrics used in upholstery:

1- Cotton: This can be woven in several ways, and one of its advantages is that it’s resilient. However, processed fabrics must be added to cover cotton’s known passivity in resisting stains.

2- Linen: The oldest known kind of fabric, as well as the most powerful and most elegant, absorbs pigments exquisitely. But linen’s many strong fibres make printed motifs irregular, in addition to getting wrinkled when used in detachable seats.

3- Silk: Known to be a luxurious fabric, silk can become quickly damaged when exposed to sunlight or moisture.

4- Wool: Used for upholstering luxurious sofa structures, wool has natural fibres that are woven in many forms. That’s why it is strong, coarse and naturally resistant to stains.

5- Leather: This fabric emanates richness and has an unrivalled beauty. Leather couches are characterised as elegant and practical to the extreme. They are suitable all year round

6- Synthetic fibres: A practical choice for upholstery since these fibres have a lasting colour, are resistant to stains and odours and are extremely durable.

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