This Self-Taught Saudi Arabian Pianist Shared the Stage With the World’s Youngest Violinist

Eman Gusti

Eman Gusti wowed audiences earlier this year at the Open Stage Night evening at the German Embassy, which brought together young talent across Saudi Arabia for an evening of entertainment. Now, the 21-year-old self-taught pianist is making a name for herself once again, this time at a show at King Fahd Cultural Center theater.

Gusti kicked off the event, which took place last week, and also was the last performer at the show, playing alongside the world’s youngest violinist, 11-year-old Chloe Chua from Singapore. Gusti opened for Chua with her own songs, after having performed at 32 events before her debut alongside the child prodigy.

Chloe Chua

As a young child, Gusti’s passion for music was kindled during the many days spent watching her mom play the keyboard. According to Arab News, her earliest memories were of afternoons sitting around the house and listening to her mother play, as well as of late nights watching classical music performances.

“My mother bought me my first keyboard when I was 5 […] She instilled a love of music in me. I was inspired by her. I started practicing on my own, but found myself more into the piano than the keyboard,” said Gusti, going on to explain that her father bought her first piano when she was 15.

Speaking to Al-Arabiya English, the young musician and art enthusiast also credited Saudi Arabia’s General Culture Authority for playing an important role in transforming her hobby into a dedicated endeavor, acknowledging that the authority’s support has been instrumental in leading her to the stage and allowing her to perform for a wider audience.

Gusti sees a future for herself where she continues to develop as a musician, saying that she hopes to “continue growing as an artist professionally and internationally” and to learn to play other instruments such as the harp.

“My belief is that everyone should follow their dreams and work hard to make them a reality. I wish to set an example for girls in my country and show them that this is their time, and that now everything is possible.”

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