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Life’s a Beach: 5 of Jeddah’s Top Seaside Spots

With Saudi Arabia opening its doors to the tourist market, its coastal city of Jeddah is the perfect vacation spot for those that can’t decide between a beach holiday and a city break. Stretching along the Red Sea coast, Jeddah is dotted with stunning beaches to be enjoyed in the warm winters of the Middle East as well as in the heat waves during it’s summers.

These 5 beaches will have you booking your flights ASAP:

South Corniche

South Corniche is the perfect place to sun yourself, especially if you’re an adventurer that loves swimming and fishing! It is said that sometimes you may spot some flamingos soaking up the sun!

Thuwal Beach

Where else in the world can you find a seaside mosque – that is also the largest one in the world?

Thuwal Beach is situated around 80km away from Jeddah, which is a great place to block out the hustle and bustle of city life. It has a stunning harbor from where you can take a boat out into the red sea.

South Obhur

A weekend getaway very much favored by Jeddah locals, South Obhur is a free beach just a stone’s throw away from Jeddah city. Not only can you experience that beachy feeling, whilst watching the tides roll in and out, you can enjoy some fantastic beach front restaurants.

Al Saif Beach

Al Saif Beach may not offer any swimming opportunities, but it is the perfect place for a family day out and some old school fun – take a picnic, Frisbee and a good book…

Dhaban Marine Park

Dhaban is located about 40km north of Jeddah and is the idyllic situation for family getaways. There are many areas of this beach restricted to families only – so this one is great for you if you plan on travelling with your nearest and dearest.

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