Familiar with Buyer's Remorse? Saudi Vlogger Hala Talks About 7 of Her Hilarious Shopping Regrets

If you don’t already follow Saudi influencer and vlogger @TheHala, then you’re missing out on a trendsetter with impeccable style, a quirky, and funny personality, with a lot of “been there, done that” moments.

Just like the rest of us, Hala suffered from buyer’s remorse once upon a time, scratch that - 7 times actually, and here are her hilarious, and suprisingly relatable, shopping regrets:

1- A bright yellow-mustard jacket

Boasting of a 2500-2700 euro price tag, the Saudi vlogger expresses her regret about buying this designer jacket, when she could’ve bought the same one from H&M for much, much less. Don’t worry Hala, we all make those mistakes, except when we splurge it’s a maximum of a $50 price tag – and we proceed to cry about it for weeks later.


All the colors are the new black

Une publication partagée par Hala (@thehala) le

However, she ended up wearing it, and we might add that it looks amazing!

2- Three hair combs that are exactly the same

One is necessary, two is more than enough, but three hair brushes that have the same exact bristle type? Why?

3- Flip-up sunglasses

Don’t be fooled by eccentric products you see in perfectly crafted photo-shoots. You’ll think you’ll look edgy and daring, but the result often turns out to be peculiar and out-of-place.


4- A gold reflector board for photographs

In her video, Hala talks about how she bought this board because it promised to make her eyes sparkle. If only we had a euro for every time we were promised things - and people - would make our eyes sparkle, we’d be able to afford the yellow jacket.

5- A foosball table

Always a good idea in theory, because it looks cool around the house and maybe makes us seem more interesting - you know like those people who have foosball and pool tables in their houses? But in practice, it’s a waste of money and space.

6- A whole variety of feathered and plastic earrings

The earring chronicles; a tragic story of trinkets lefts in a drawer that we open from time to time, only to hold one earring to our faces, stare at it for a minute at the mirror, then decide to put it back so it could spend the rest of its days dusting off. Truly tragic.

7- A limited edition Valentino bag

Here’s Hala’s story behind it: she loved it so much that she couldn’t bear to wear it. So she kept it in a protective cover in the closet, and then eventually lost it.

Now we can’t all relate to the Valentino aspect, but even if it’s a vintage find in a flea market, we all buy things that we love so much and can’t bring ourselves to wear, and with time they disappear.

To watch the hilarious Hala, click here for her video.

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