All You Need to Know About the Saudi Model Who Just Landed her First International Magazine Cover

Taleeda shot by  Mariano Vivanco


Just a few weeks back, Taleedah Tamer, of Saudi Arabian and Italian heritage, opened for Antonio Grimaldi and consequently made her Paris Fashion Week debut.


The opening @fashiontv

Une publication partagée par Taleedah Tamer تليدة تمر (@taleedah) le


This week, she graces the cover of international magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and in a casual talk with veteran supermodel, Isabelli Fontana, Tamer gives a little sneak peak on her ideas about the industry, her big break, and what kind of social media platform Instagram is to her.



She was introduced to the industry when she was helping backstage at a fashion show in Saudi.
Taleedah talks about how she got her first break by helping out backstage with her mother, who also used to model back in her day, at a fashion show in Saudi Arabia. When the same designer saw her five years later, he recruited her for a desert shoot, and that’s how it all began for her.

Family is important to her.
Tamer’s mom accompanies her on all her business trips, and has even helped her pave her way into the fashion world. She grew up being inspired by her mom’s photographs and modeling life.

She loves the aspect of being transformed in photo-shoots.
Taleedah’s favorite part of a photo-shoot is becoming another person, and morphing along with the different theme and style the creative direction is going for. Discovering multiple sides of her and letting various shades of her come out is what she believes different photo-shoots entail.



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Une publication partagée par Taleedah Tamer تليدة تمر (@taleedah) le


Her work ethic is impeccable – thanks to her veteran model mom.
Tamer, in conversation with Fontana, explained how her mother always encouraged her to be kind and professional to everyone around her. Commendable work ethic is very important in this industry.

She values art, creativity, and uniqueness.
The Saudi supermodel talks about how she sees Instagram as a “glamorized” version of a person’s real life. She enjoys posting things she thinks are cool, rather than photos that people would like.

With more Saudi personalities in the fashion industries being recognized on international levels, the evolution of the fashion, art, and creative discourses are on a rapid rise in the kingdom, making way for fresh faces, concepts, and a whole new local scene.

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