Saudi Students Represent the Kingdom at International Physics Event

Saudi students return to the kingdom victorious, having won 3 medals from the International Olympiad of Physics 2018, in Lisbon, Portugal.

The team consisted of Faisal Salloum who won a silver medal, and Al-Waleed Al-Dirham and Yazan Mamnoon who won bronze medals each. The young pupils also received a certificate of appreciation collected by Muaz Fayoumi. The first International Physics Olympiad was held in 1967 in Poland, and since then has become an annual physics competition for high school students.

Each national assignment is made up of up to five student competitors plus two team leaders, all selected on a national level. The students compete against one another individually, and sit intense theoretical examinations which last 5 hours and consist of 3 questions, as well as laboratory examinations.

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