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Sarah Kutbi Brings Saudi Art to Life

“People are starting to realize and understand the value of art, and are investing more in the talents of the younger generation,” says Sarah Kutbi, owner of SK Art Studio in Jeddah. She believes her art space will encourage people of all ages to unleash their creativity in an environment that will pique their inspirations.

As a devoted artist, Kutbi recalls finding her passion for the arts at just eight years old as she experimented with art tools and colors. The young Saudi artist went on to study art history and the techniques of some of the world’s most famous painters. She completed her studies at renowned establishments including the Chelsea College of Art in London, and currently paints in her welcoming studio where she sits amongst pieces created by her students as well as her own.

Having opened up just 2 months ago, the studio is a place where adults and children can go for art workshops, the artist says, “I believe that art has no age, but I like to focus on younger talents as I believe they have potential that needs to be grasped and developed early.”

There is a certain lifestyle aspect to Sarah Kutbi going on to set up SK Art Studio; she believes that art can be a form of expressive therapy from which people can release emotions in a healthy way, and balance their mental well-being.

The art studio was bought to life with the support of Kutbi’s family and friends and has, so far, been a roaring success in Jeddah, “I tried to create a comfortable and inspiring space with all the necessary tools to help people learn and explore.” It is not just Kutbi who teaches her techniques to students, but also invites a number of professional artists who are experts in their own particular styles from portraiture to abstract.

Sarah’s style of painting, she says, is constantly developing and changing, and she mainly works on canvas using charcoal, acrylic and oil paints. “I haven’t reached the maturity level I’m aiming for. I believe, as the great Leonardo da Vinci said: ‘Art is never finished, only abandoned.’ Right now I find myself more fascinated with pop serialism.”

Sarah Kutbi encourages each person to follow their passion, as she believes the country has many hidden talents and has faith that her studio can help discover powerful artists.

“This is the reason I opened the studio. I want to help people discover their talents from an early age. I recognize, from personal experience, that one needs to develop this gift by learning different techniques and approaches, which I don’t believe can be taught in school,” she said.

With Saudi Arabia’s art scene making groundbreaking waves, the kingdom is seeing many more new art galleries and emerging artists. Vision 2030 is in full swing, as the Arab country gets ready to boost their arts and culture sector.

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