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The Sky Really Is the Limit For This Saudi Pilot’s Photography

It’s amazing what you get when you put a Saudi photography buff, who is very proud of his country, in the cockpit.

Flying over Riyadh at night - By Ahmed Hader

We’ve all seen some spectacular images on Instagram, from that explosion of colours during sunset and electrifying thunderstorms to cities gorgeously lit up at night. However, everything from tens of thousands of feet up in the sky takes on an amazingly unique perspective. And luckily for us, pilots with a passion for photography are lighting up Instagram feeds with their insane photos. Saudi Ahmed Hader is among those who gets to enjoy some spectacular views thanks to his line of work. The stunning and constantly changing panoramic sights he captures from his “office’ have amassed him nearly 55,000 followers.

While navigating the ins and outs of a jet, he loves taking incredible aerial shots of Mecca and Medina, whether when it’s worshippers thronging to the holy sites during the day or when they’re covered by moonlight, giving them a 'One Thousand and One Nights' atmosphere. While sitting in the best kind of window seat, he also takes lots and lots of magazine-worthy photos of fighter planes like the Royal Saudi Air Force Typhoon and F16s or helicopters. Plus, the vibrant and imaginative shots he takes during national airshows will just blow you away. Images of planes flying next to him and natural marvels unfolding also make following @ahmednader definitely worthwhile.


البلاك هوك S70i لطيران الامن في سماء مكه المكرمه

Une publication partagée par احمد حاضر (@ahmedhader) le


دمج بعض صور البروق البارح جنوب ابها سبحان الله

Une publication partagée par احمد حاضر (@ahmedhader) le



القوات الجوية الملكية السعودية سي ١٣٠ . RSAF C130

Une publication partagée par احمد حاضر (@ahmedhader) le


السوده بعد المطر ومع المغيب

Une publication partagée par احمد حاضر (@ahmedhader) le

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