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Dalal Aldoub: The Hijab-Ista To Add To Your Beauty and Fashion Instagram Feed

Who’s tempted to try one of the Kuwaiti blogger and vlogger’s looks?

Dalal AlDoub

Whether Dalal AlDoub is making a solid case for a fashion trend, giving a tutorial on how to take a make-up look from day to night or generously sharing make-up application tips, rest assured her presentation is not going to be run-of-the-mill. That’s because AlDoub, one of the Gulf’s top beauty and style bloggers, knows the importance of staying ahead of the game. 

After AlDoub started blogging about her outfits and dishing out make-up tips in 2012, her influence quickly spread. The way the Kuwaiti shares suggestions, for example guiding followers through how to mix and match colours, pieces and styles together, propelled her to become one of the most prominent names in the region’s digital fashion and beauty circle. As well as demonstrating how to rock high fashion meets modest, the beautiful AlDoub also makes drops about the best shopping spots and offers hijab-tying tips. 


مخطط Stripes

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On her blog,, the fashion and make-up maven states her most important goal is “to empower women; to provide them with confidence, and to encourage them to become their own stylists and make-up artists.” And with 2.3 million followers on her Instagram page, which she named @dalalid because Dalali is what her family calls her while the d at the end refers to her family name, she certainly has the clout to make a difference.

Aldoub, who has collaborated with major beauty players like Guerlain, Sephora, Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown, also has a YouTube channel, where she provides a plethora of tips and passionately tests beauty products. Perhaps one of the reasons AlDoub, who has loved make-up since she was a kid, is so popular is her willingness to get experimental and stay open to new ideas. Another one of her fortes is she knows there’s always something new to pick up, no matter how many years you’ve been in the business. AlDoub, who cites make-up artist Lisa Eldridge as an inspiration, hopes to launch her own make-up line one day. 



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