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5 Arab Female Travel Junkies That Will Give You Nothing but Wanderlust

Haifa Beseisso

Summer is the time of year when we all get the urge to fly away to a sandy beach or historical city for a well-deserved break and with the world being our oyster we’ve got a long list of places we’d love to visit – with some pin pointed locations where we can take an Instagram-worthy snap.

With Instagram being the place where we find everything from home, beauty and fashion inspiration, there are numerous accounts well known for taking stunning photographs all over the world and we want in.

Amongst these travel influencers are women who are not only globetrotting and taking us along on their travels through social media, but these 5 barrier-breaking Arab women with a contagious travel bug.

Nadya Hasan (@thefierce_nay)

Nadya Hasan is a young UAE national who lives for fashion, luxury and elegance, and along with her flair for style, her travel snaps are breathtaking. She’s one of the biggest Middle Eastern influencers and her Instagram account offers up inspirational images of the savvy social media star in stunning global locations wearing the most perfect ensembles.

Ghida Arnaout (@monkyseemonkydo)

This Instagrammer is special as she found her motivation and inspiration after a hip injury which left her immobile and wheelchair bound for 4 months. Following her recovery, she took a trip to Nepal and found her inspiration in nature and the outdoors. Dubai based traveler, Ghida Arnaout’s adventurous trips and love for extreme sports have us hooked!

Raha Moharrak (@rahamoharrak)

A true adventurer, Raha Moharrak is the first Saudi woman to conquer Mount Everest, gives us nothing but empowerment and inspiration through her social media accounts as she continues to pave the way for other Saudi women to follow suite and pursue dreams they once thought impossible. We can’t wait to find out where she will be adventuring next…

Michelle Karam (@traveljunkiediary)

The Travel Junkie, Michelle Karam first set up her blog to create a platform for others to share their personal travel encounters, inspiring experiences and life-changing moments and celebrating the global citizens. Now with a core business in which consults hospitality brands & tourism boards on creative marketing campaigns and choosing the right global travel influencer and representative to work with, Karam still travels the world sharing her own experiences that we all want to be a part of.

Haifa Beseisso (@flywithhaifa)

Haifa Beseisso is not only an Arab Muslim travelling the world. She is a humanitarian at heart who is also a vlogger and YouTube personality that immerses herself into the essence, color and life of each destination she visits, and what makes her travels unique is her emphasis on revealing the oneness of humanity, common hopes and dreams, and that what brings humans together far outweighs differences. In each country and each city she visits, she asks the same question to people, “What is your dream?” The answers she receives are uplifting, touching and inspiring.

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