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Saudi Women of Instagram: 5 Social Media Stars to Follow Now

Tamara Al Gabbani

Saudi Arabia is a country that is super active across all social media platforms – especially the likes of Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Amassing vast numbers of followers, these Saudi women have a flair for style, beauty, charity and business and we’d highly recommend following them for some serious #lifegoals.

Tamara Al Gabbani

Not only is she highly stylish, Tamara Al Gabbani is a force to be reckoned with in the world of business. The Saudi fashion designer and entrepreneur has her very own fashion brand, named after herself of course! Tired of pushing her way into boutiques to stock her brand, she went above and beyond and set up her own site from which she operates.

Nilo Haq

Born and raised in Jeddah, Nilo started her career as a makeup artist and reached milestones in numerous industry top 10’s. She now practices her art from her very own salon and runs a makeup academy in Toronto. Not only that, she is also the founder of the Saudi Beauty Blog, which is the first of its kind and arguably the best.

The Abduls

Seen as the Saudi version of Kendall & Kylie, these two Medina natives moved to London over a decade ago and have been fascinated by fashion ever since. Their Instagram account and their blog, The Abduls, take you into their closets and around the world on fashion shoots and runways. The two are also the founders of Coded Nation, "a multi-brand e-commerce boutique where the sisters spotlight emerging designers and up-and-coming brands."

Mariam Saleh Binladen

Mariam Binladen is a world record breaker: she is the first woman, and third person overall, to swim the entire Thames river. Not only is she an incredible swimmer, she is a Saudi dentist swam the Thames, as chronicled in the documentary “I Am Mariam Binladen”, to raise awareness for the medical needs of Syrian refugees.

Darin Al Bayed

Based in Saudi Arabia, Darin Al Bayed is part of a movement of young women who have turned to social media to speak up against oppression of and clichés about Middle Eastern women. In her YouTube videos, the 21-year old uses comedy to reflect and shed a light on topics small and big, from relationship advice to critical subjects in Saudi society.

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