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Artist Creates Stunning, Elaborate Paper Artworks

A talented artist creates these detailed and elaborate artworks made from paper which show different hairstyles.

The paper artwork takes an incredible amount of patience and skill - minute slithers of paper are meticulously cut away to leave the silhouette style masterpieces.

The art, which is placed between two panes of glass to protect the delicate art, shows individual hairstyles including the popular man-bun and bushy beard.

Each piece can take from 15 to 30 days to complete.


Artist Parth Kothekar, from Ahmedabad, India, said he left university in order to follow his dream of sketching and papercut art.

The 26-year-old said: "Once I quit the animation institute I began sketching full time and I haven't stopped since.

"The idea of papercuts germinated out of my graffiti practice. I followed the idea and was fascinated by my own work.

"In order to make white papercuts I first sketch it on a white paper, then I cut out the sketch using a cutting knife or artist scalpel.

"After this I use a white gel pen to redraw on the pencil marks to hide them, giving me a clearly white artwork.

"When I'm working it feels like I'm meditating because no thoughts disturb me during the process.

"When I finish an artwork there is a huge sense of contentment within me.

"So usually I indulge myself in thoughts of what to create next and how to learn from my mistakes from the last artwork."

Parth sells his artwork depending on its complexity, with prices ranging from £600 to £900.

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