Broken Pieces Create Whole Artworks

An artist uses broken pieces of eggshells, biscuits, and even herbs to create intricate, patterned shapes.

Kristen Meyer spends hours arranging them into geometric patterns within 14 inch-diameter (35.5cm) circles or 12 inch (30.5cm) squares.

The 40-year-old soures her materials - be they sticks, flowers, or food - before shaping and sorting them.

Some of her work can take up to four hours, depending on what material she is using.

Miss Meyer, of New Haven, Connecticut, USA, said: "I draw inspiration from the shapes, colours, and textures in nature but I'm also very inspired by modern architecture and clean city lines.

"I try to use the natural shape of whatever it is I'm using. It sort of dictates the direction of my design.

"I find the challenge of fitting each piece perfectly, like a puzzle, really fun.

"The materials I use often change with the season depending on what I can find outside.



"I also enjoy the challenge of finding ordinary objects around the house, transforming them into something special, and giving them new life.

"Sometimes I find objects that spark an idea and other times the idea comes first and the materials have to be sourced which can take a bit of time.

"For example, collecting a variety of seashells on a beach could take a couple of hours, whereas grabbing a few leaves off a tree or picking a few flowers outside is quick.



"The time each piece takes to complete ranges greatly depending on the size of the objects I'm using.

"The nuts and seeds circle I created recently took about four hours to complete whereas the stick circle only took around 30 minutes.

"Where I place everything is definitely spontaneous. I always like to create movement within my circles or squares.

"I love contrast. Manipulating something soft and natural into structured geometric shapes or patterns is so satisfying and enjoyable for me.

"My goal is to always create that juxtaposition. I think that's what people are drawn to.

"Fresh leaves and petals are the hardest material to work with as they're so fragile and wilt so quickly.

"If I don't work fast, the look of the piece will change and I often have to start over which is why I usually press my leaves before I work with them as it makes my life so much easier.

"My favourite piece changes frequently but at the moment, I would say it's the circle of eggshells."

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