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Add Some Comforting Hygge Décor Ideas to Your Home This Winter

There’s nothing like soothing textures, greenery and candlelight in our homes.

It’s such a great feeling to come home to a comforting sanctuary after enduring work, school or any other daily duty. That’s why we should try to optimise the qualitiy of our indoor habitats, and introducing a sense of hygge is one of the best ways to create a welcoming décor that helps us relax and unwind.

Hygge, a hard-to-pronounce term (it’s actually hoo-guh), is the Danish art of happiness that revolves around taking the time to enjoy human relations and the little things in life, as well as getting comfy. While there isn’t a literal translation, it’s used to describe a feeling of cosiness and consolation, and interior design plays a major part. 

While candlelight, throws and feeling snug as a bug are mostly associated with winter, we’re all for them whatever the season. Self-proclaimed style addict and Design Haus Medy Founder Medy Navani guides us through how to add touches of hygge décor.

1- Add a soft touch with rugs, throws and cushions:

Rugs, throws and cushions are key accessories in the curation of cosiness! Even an old and battered sofa can be revived with the right selection of warm scatter cushions in fabrics such as velvet, suede or heavy-weave cotton. If you’re going to head to the store’s cushion department, avoid shiny materials that have a cold air like polyester.

2- Create a private nook for yourself:

Take "hyggeligt" to the next level by creating a private nook to curl up in. By crafting a corner in larger rooms, you will have separate cosy areas you can use for reading, speaking on the phone, resting or simply pondering. If you have a quiet cranny at home that isn’t used for anything, think about installing a built-in banquette or twin bed to serve as a "day bed" that you can enhance with cushions and a lovely throw.

3- Get cosy with candles:

You can display candles on coffee tables, side tables, bookshelves, windowsills or kitchen tables, and don’t forget light them to complement the soft light from your floor or decorative lamps, while keeping overhead lights dimmed or flicked off. Essential oil infused candles are a good option to consider, so you can sit back and enjoy the beautifully subtle spa-like fragrances wafting throughout your home as you wind down during the evening.

4- Include some greenery:

You don’t need to install a 3 x 4-metre living wall or convert your space into an indoor rainforest, but rather introduce some simple injections of live greenery, which can do wonders for your cosy space. For low maintenance plants that don’t need to be watered daily, opt for succulent displays in beautiful pots from your favourite homewares stores. There’s nothing like unique ceramic pots made by artists or DIY pots you have painted or decorated yourself.

 5- Illuminate with the right lighting:

For a feeling of real cosiness, always try to keep your light as close as possible to the ground. The lower the light source, the more romantic the effect. This is why we always select candlelight for special events. Floor standing lights and side table lights are always a better choice than high ceiling mounted lights. You can also enhance the lighting atmosphere by choosing light shades that project mood via their structure or texture.

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