10 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Look

They’re effective and natural!

There are some simpler and easier solutions than Botox, face lifts and tucks to maintain a fresh, youthful look. For instance, did you know you could reduce wrinkles and tighten your face by using cosmetics properly? If fact, without a doubt, the power of make-up and the evolution of skin creams can make you look younger in minutes.

1. Avoid Certain Red Lipsticks
Did you know lipstick colour affects your youth? This one make-up product can make you look younger, or vice versa. A red dark lip colour isn’t for you if you want a lifted face, as its strength makes your face look saggy. That’s why we recommend you use natural nude colours, with lipliner in a pinky beige what will make your lips look full.

2. Get that eyeliner right
Eyeliner can make you look older and enhance eye wrinkles if it is used incorrectly. So be careful not to draw a thin line and replace it with a winged look or cat's eye because it will lift your eyes remarkably, as well as your face as a whole. You can just apply a dot of the liner above the outer corner of the eye, then start by drawing a thin line from the inner corner that gradually becomes thicker.

3. Letting skin recover

All beauty experts know that great make-up depends on a healthy and glowing skin. They also stress that wrinkles often appear from dehydration and a lack of nutrition in skin cells. Even skin that lacks vitality due to fatigue or hormonal changes related to ageing keeps the internal ability to recover and regenerate. All you need is the right support, so don’t neglect serum in your beauty routine, as it acts as prevention. The most important benefits of serum:
- Redefining features: Serum works on preventing the sagging of facial features and lifts it instead. It also re-draws the face frame.
- Renewal of vitality: Serum provides the necessary nutrition to the cells to renew itself in a healthy way.
- Correct dark spots: Serum helps to significantly reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by ageing.

 4. A bigger eye, a younger look
False eyelashes have become a basic necessity in make-up, even for women who already have thick lashes. And this trend isn’t just for the evenings any longer. The more open and large your eyes appear, the younger you will look, and your face will seem more lifted, that’s the power of lashes. Small-sized eyelashes are recommended during the day to give you a natural look, along with applying two layers of mascara for extra intensity.

5. Settling for a little amount of foundation

A common mistake is applying a lot of foundation to hide your skin’s flaws, because this accumulation of layers actually leads to highlighting the wrinkles. However, you do need to unify the colour of your skin. Here's the good news, you can use concealer instead of foundation. You can use it under the eyes and on signs of fatigue and age like red spots, as well as veins that show through thin skin. Then you can start applying foundation with a brush along the sides of the nose and on the chin. Finally unify the colour of your skin with a layer of foundation and make sure it is blended well with a blender sponge from the bottom to the top.

6. The power of optical concealment powder
You need to apply powder over foundation to seal it in. What’s more, this particular product makes you look younger by hiding fine lines and flaws for a final transparent and delicate touch. Plus powder adds dimension to your face when properly applied. We recommend you apply powder along the jaw to contour the face. Then you can use a large, round brush and apply the powder on the forehead, cheeks and nose, but be careful not to over apply!

7. Blusher only when needed
You can add a little blusher as the final finishing touch, however sometimes it’s better to go without. If you suffer from allergic reactions, skip it to avoid looking like a clown. Blonde women with coloured eyes and even brunettes do not need blusher, but it is essential for yellow or olive skin. Additionally, it’s better for you to apply it only on the cheeks, from the bottom to the top.

 8. Including an anti-ageing product

You need a product to look after your skin by fulfilling its needs when it is exhausted, in order for the skin to  become stronger and more prepared for self-renewal day after day. That’s how  you get soft and glowing skin back . We suggest you use an anti-ageing cream once to twice a day, specifically in the evening.

9. Rebuilding the hair fibre
Long hair can negatively affect the shape of the face by making it look seem saggy, while short and medium length hair is very effective in lighting it up. Short haircuts with layers (think  Cate Blanchett) give you a young look. In order to preserve your hair’s youthfullness, take care of it in ways that enhance shine and colour.

10. The eyebrows say it all
Eyebrows can affect the whole face and make you look younger. But what is the right eyebrow shape to lift your eyes? We recommend you leave the brow thick, starting at the inner corner of the eye and remove scatterd hairs under the arch and end of the eyebrows. This lifts the eye towards the outside instead of downwards. To achieve a distinctive shape, you need a good pair of tweezers.

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