8 Ways to Scrap Plastic and Be More Eco-Friendly

Let’s face it, humans have not been kind to the planet. Plastic consumption is at an all-time high and is affecting our oceans. At present, the world’s oceans have around 245,000 tonnes of plastic floating on and around it.

Many European countries are enforcing a recycling culture, including the UK government who want people to recycle at least 50% of household waste by 2020. That being said, plastic waste doesn’t only affect countries that are doing something about it, it affects us as a planet, so, we’ve put together 10 ways you could help save the Earth.

Say No To Microbeads
This isn’t something we think about when using our face scrubs and toothpastes. Many facial exfoliators contain tiny plastic microbeads which get washed down the sink and end up in the oceans. Not nice for the marine life who happen to consume it and consequently die.

Stop Using Wet Wipes
Have you ever flushed a wet wipe down the toilet and it’s clogged? Just because it perhaps may only end with your plumber de-clogging your toilet, it doesn’t mean these wipes aren’t affecting your environment. The wipes are made from plastic resins and are not at all eco-friendly. Governments are also talking about eliminating wipes and urging companies to produce eco-friendly alternatives.

Ever Been To a Shampoo Bar?
You can cut back on your plastic consumption pretty easily if you can get toiletries that don’t have any packaging. Shampoo bars are now a great way to reduce your plastic waste; the same as soap bars, once they’re gone, they’re gone and you don’t have plastic guilt! Yay!

Consider Consumption
When you’re shopping, it’s easy to just mindlessly pick up exactly what you need without considering the consequences for the environment. You’d be making a great start if you could avoid single-use plastics like water and packaged foods and opting for packaging that can be used again or recycled. Fresh produce is healthier anyway!

A Bag for Life
A strong reusable bag is a great way to avoid the clutter of plastic carrier bags. You can purchase many from fabrics that will last a lifetime and fold up perfectly to fit in your handbag!

Wearing Plastic Could Be A Faux Pas
Some types of clothing can contain plastic too – like synthetic fabrics like polyester and lycra which contain micro plastic fibres. These can come off when you wash them and absorb into water streams. Spend a little extra on something more luxe in organic cotton or linen to avoid clothing that you may have to throw away after a couple of washes and wears.

Bulk Buy
Purchasing particular types of food in bulk over small amounts more often, can reduce the amount of plastic packaging you consume. You can keep grains, pastas and cereals in jars and Tupperware to be more eco and wallet friendly.

Suck No More
Straws have been a huge controversy since sea and marine animals were found with straws that have harmed them! Plastic straws are gradually being banned in retailers and restaurants and rightfully so. There is no reason why you can’t sip from a cup, but if you MUST have a straw, you may be able to purchase a metal or glass one that can be washed and reused.

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