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Habibi, I Can Drive My Car

Nano Raies

With Saudi women finally being granted their right to drive, many young Arabs have creatively responded to the news, from Saudi singer, Leesa A, rapping about no longer having a need for taxis, to most recently, a group of musicians doing a special Arabic cover of the Beatles’ 1965 hit, Drive My Car.

A group of students in Boston in America, from the Berklee College of Music, collaborated with Public Radio International to celebrate the driving ban being lifted for Saudi Arabian women this June. Going by the name of “Nano and the 6-2-4”, in reference to the historic date, the band have reworked the classic pop number with Arabic lyrics and instruments.

Syrian singer, Nano Raies is the voice of the song, and Palestinian, Jordanian and American students make up the rest of the group.

The musical university’s website has quoted that this reworked version, “tells the story of a woman who’s in love with her newly granted freedom, and feels that marriage and family can wait.”

Nano sings, “Baby, I can drive my car/Yes, I’m gonna be a star/Baby I can drive my car/And maybe I’ll love you.”

Drive My Car’s Arabic cover has amassed over 60,000 views already in less than two weeks and is still going strong!

Watch the video here:

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