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Pioneering Hairdresser Rossano Ferretti Set To Open Salons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Rossano Ferretti

Just ahead of opening his salon in Dubai, hairdresser to the stars Rossano Ferretti talks about shunning over-saturated, often complex, trends and techniques for a naturally enhancing style.

Kate Middleton, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie are some of the VIP customers who have tried Rossano Ferretti’s revolutionary ‘Method Cut.’ And luckily for us, the celebrity hairdresser is bringing the innovative hair cutting method, which is all about letting hair fall naturally to enhance features, to Dubai and then Abu Dhabi. Just like the Italian maestro’s numerous salons around the world, discerning clientele will be able to benefit from his luxuriously customised vision and enjoy a sensory hair spa experience.

Can you tell us what your pioneering concept ‘The Method’ and salon experience is all about?
It is about what is to be achieved, to change the hair beauty system in the world; it was about changing the way of looking at beauty. It was changing the way of translating people’s needs, it was an approach to find a way to give really personalised haircuts, to create an ambiance that makes the client feel at home and not just at a beauty salon. I really hate standard salons with mirrors and chairs; I wanted to create a journey to make clients feel like they are in a pleasant atmosphere. Introducing the natural world in a world that was completely fake, all about colours and bleach, my passion was really to create a damage free environment.

So can we say it is more of a timeless, natural approach to haircuts?
Totally, it is a Rossano Ferretti haircut.

And how does this natural fall of the hair enhance some features? What is it about it that does that?
Well, basically you follow the hair, you listen to what the hair needs, so you are not creating a geometrical way to cut the hair, you are just following the hair. Your scissors follow the hair movements so this is the secret, the following day your hair looks better and after a month your hair looks even lovelier. And when you shower, it looks better still because the haircut will follow the natural movement.

Which elements and services do your salons in Abu Dhabi and Dubai provide?
It’s all about details, there is no standard, and that’s what I hate, it is all about the details. Every detail should be contemplating our client’s journey, so everything happens for a reason, not because it just happens! We create the way and this is my obsession, the materials we use, the products we use, the atmosphere, the music, and the flowers. Everything is about the experience.

Are you planning on opening in any other Middle Eastern or GCC countries?
I am not in a rush, I think with Dubai and Abu Dhabi I will change the hairstyle movement.

It can get very hot and humid in this region can you share some haircare tips?
We will launch our Rossano Ferretti hair line next April in the region, it has five products that can help this problem. In South America and India they have the same humidity problems. Most of my clients are obsessed with this humidity issue, so this hair range is dedicated to this problem.

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