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6 Things KSA People Take For Granted

We round up 6 things the people of Saudi Arabia take for granted.

The Desert
There are very few places that have the convenience of city life so close to a desert. Think about it, if you left KSA tomorrow, you would probably miss being able to take the car out to the desert and enjoy some peace and quiet with your family in the massive emptiness.

The Country’s History
KSA civilization goes way back in history – one archaeological mission in the country found tools that were millions of years old. But the kingdom’s history is not always so obscure. People in KSA can enjoy old ruins like Mada’in Saleh as well as more recent Islamic architecture on old buildings and mosques that they pass every day.

Living In the Birthplace of Islam
There aren’t many places that can boast being the birthplace of an entire religion. You probably don’t think about it every day, but living in the place where the Prophet Muhammad himself lived and walked is pretty amazing. The country is huge, but wherever you are, Makkah and Medina are only a short flight away.

Universal Healthcare
Take advantage of this perk while you can. Most countries don’t have universal healthcare, and many – including the United States – are struggling to provide comprehensive healthcare for their people. It’s one less thing to worry about, if you get hurt you know you can rush to the hospital for help without thinking about the bill.

No Taxes
If you ever plan on leaving Saudi for work, be prepared to pay an income tax. Packages in KSA tend to be generous, particularly for Western expats, with paid accommodation and education and a relatively lengthy paid vacation – the standard is around 30 days.

Saudi Arabia is luxury central, and its shopping scene is the proof. Designer clothes, beautiful makeup and huge malls make this country stand out for locals and tourists. Most nations can’t compare to Saudi’s love of shopping.

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