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Chocolatier Faequa Bastaki Leaves a Good Taste in The GCC

When Faequa Bastaki realized that the GCC didn’t have many chocolatiers or event planners, she dropped everything and started Leaves. Soon, her sister and son were part of the team, and the company grew, eventually planning events for Bahrain’s royal family. Bader Nooruddin, the founder’s son and the director of Leaves, took a moment to tell us what it’s like to run the sweetest business in Bahrain.

Why chocolate?
Bader Nooruddin: We were surprised to realize that we had limited options let alone local/regional options for customized premium luxury chocolates and arrangements. This was further supplemented with the absence of wedding planners that meet international or European standards.

I lead a team of skilled professionals who work dedicatedly towards building a chocolate empire from Bahrain to the region whilst on the other end my mother and aunt work with design professionals to curate a mesmerizing luxury wedding experience.

What sets Leaves apart from other chocolatiers and event planners?
BN: Leaves is box of surprises. We’re always keen to innovate while also being highly supportive of our local economy and proudly sharing our culture through our work. Our chocolate catalogue is constantly evolving and we have our own chocolate facility that allows us to produce items locally.

All items sourced for our weddings and events are done with care and precision because we aim to outdo each event that we have created and are never complacent. Our only competition is with ourselves because we believe in improving constantly and consistently.

What's your favourite chocolate in your collection?
BN: We enjoy adding personality to everything that we do and our relationship with our customers is one of warmth and is culturally rooted.

We reflect this within our chocolate creations, but my favourites would have to be the premium collections – Fajer, Hessa, Noora and Fatima. These chocolates have been inspired by the tastes of four wonderful women who are dear friends of our family.


What goes into planning a wedding?
BN: The real question is: What doesn’t go into planning a wedding? We take care of everything from A-Z with Plan A,B and C in case of any external circumstance – rain, hail or shine! We are proud to be the premier luxury wedding planners in the country catering to both Bahraini and Saudi royalty with our extravagant setups and floral arrangements that are complemented with our uniquely themed and customized décor and chocolate arrangements. We do initial consultations with our clients, understand their budgets and their inspirations as the young couples today are very in tune with what’s in and what’s not – using Pinterest as an inspirational mood-board.

Tell me about one of the most high-profile events Leaves has planned.
BN: We tend to do a lot of weddings, engagements and baby delivery celebrations for the Royal Family of Bahrain and their extended relatives. These are highly confidential and high profile events that are exciting to work on – be it at the palace or at outdoor venues. The grandeur of such events motivates us to think of innovative and creative themes that are culturally inclined but also modernistic and fashionable.

Leaves has gained popularity all over GCC, from Bahrain to Jeddah to Qatar – what's next?
BN: That is a very good question! It’s one I ask of myself each day. I believe that if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough. Hence I keep dreaming of making Leaves a globally recognized brand without compromising on our personalization and customization of services. We are proud to represent Arab culture across various GCC markets and it would be an honour to take it beyond the seven seas!



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