Dress To Impress For a Suitable Start at the Office

Finished school and you’re starting your first ever job or an internship, perhaps? Avoid the wardrobe mishaps that could give the wrong impression during the crucial first months.

Here are some tips to dress smart and professionally and to avoid those blunders we thought were okay before we ticked in.

Don’t let your underwear/bra strap show! Even something as seemingly innocent as a camisole peeking out from an open blouse can read as inappropriate in an office environment, especially if it has little straps or lace detailing (making it look like lingerie).
Simply avoid any undergarment showing. The fact that it's visible makes you look sloppy and that's not the impression you want to give your new employer.

Do wear sturdy fabrics and stay away from anything flimsy or see-through, even with the soaring summer temperatures. Even a little bit of transparency can be a distraction, and you never want your clothes to set you back.

Don’t dress to work as though you are going out later. When you are at work, you should dress for work. Period. Dressing for whatever you have going on outside the office gives the impression that work is not your main priority, and that is only going to hurt you in a highly competitive job market. Best to simply go home after work, dress up and go out, even if you are going to be late.

Do wear the heels appropriate for you. This could mean wearing flats or wearing a heel that is just a little bit thicker than normal or putting a rubber tread on the bottom of an otherwise slick shoe. Whatever you need to do to stay mobile, just do it, because if your boss sees you walking too slowly she/he will think you do not share their sense of urgency. 

Don’t overdo the make-up.  Wearing a lot of heavy make-up is distracting to those around you and can make you look high-maintenance, which is not an attractive quality to employers. 
Office make-up should be minimal, natural, and polished.  Save the heavy stuff for the weekend.

Do dress in a mature way, even if you are young. People want to trust you with grown-up responsibilities so dress the part. Avoid ditsy graphics, heart-shaped jewelry, or frilly little baby doll looks and don’t stack on too many zany accessories from your favourite high street brands. Also don’t let your outfit be too sexy, too colourful or too trendy.

Don’t wear small straps like camisole tops or spaghetti strap dresses.  If you do, layer a light jacket or sweater over it, but keep in mind that you will not be able to take that top layer off if you start to overheat.

Remember dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring. Most offices don’t have very strict dress codes (if could be no jeans for the most part) so you can create stylish looks that fit comfortably and pair them with light accessories.

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