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A Step-By-Step Guide to That Audacious Eid Make-Up Look You’ve Been Searching For

This how-to from Nicolas Degennes, make-up artist to stars like Liv Tyler and Monica Bellucci, means your Eid beauty look is sorted.

Givenchy - Audacious Look

As Eid al-Fitr is one of Islam’s most important festivals, women in the Middle Eastern region and around the world are undoubtedly aiming to look their best while they gather with their family and friends to celebrate.

Well, thanks to Nicolas Degennes’s signature look, we can really amp up that beauty game once the end of Ramadan is announced. The world-renowned make-up artist certainly knows a thing or two about making heads turn and enabling women to become the centre of attention. If you need the proof, just look at the work he’s done with celebrities like Monica Bellucci, Kristin Scott Thomas and Liv Tyler.

The look by Degennes, who has been with Givenchy Beauty for over a decade, really showcases the eyes. “The eyes take predominance and the lips fade into the background to highlight the intensity of the look. The assertiveness and delicacy of a bold femininity,” Degennes, Givenchy Beauty’s Make-up and Colour Artistic Director, says.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting the beauty look conceived by the man who created some of the brand's prettiest and most in-demand make-up products.

Applying Acti’mine to the centre of a clean and moisturised face and then blending the texture outwards with upward movements is your first step to creating an envy-inducing complexion. Continue by unifying the complexion by putting on some Matissime Velvet on the centre of the face and blending the texture as before, outwards with upward movements, not forgetting the areas around the hairline, neckline and ears. Next, erase those imperfections by dabbing on some Teint Couture Concealer around your dark circles, the outside corners of the eyes and lips, the side of the nose, the nasolabial folds and any other problem areas. Set your efforts by applying Poudre Bonne Mine with a powder brush, using an upwards-circular movement. Then, it’s time for you to reach for the blush. Using the brush, mix the two shades from Prisme Blush together and apply to the cheeks. You can touch the blush up if you feel it needs to be more intense when you finish putting on the rest of the make-up.


The best way for you to start dressing those eyes is to focus on your eyebrows. Using the Eyebrow Pencil, you can intensify the brows and fill in any gaps with hair-like strokes. Then you can perfect those arches by getting hold of the Mister Brow Filler to brush the eyebrows, starting in the inner corner and working outwards. Eyeshadow should come next, so swipe on some Ombre Couture as a base to the mobile eyelid, going all the way up to the crease.
Then, add some dark brown Prisme Quatuor on top of it, blending the line gently. To highlight those gorgeous windows of the soul, fill in any gaps in the eye contour and between the lashes, top and bottom waterline with some Khôl Couture Waterproof N°1. Finally, some mascara on the top and lower lashes will give you that coveted high impact volume.


To get those puckers looking their best, you can start by patting on some Teint Couture Concealer to the cupid’s bow and centre of the lower lip. The next thing to do is apply Lip Liner N°2 around the contour of your lips, beginning with the cupid’s bow, then following the contour to the corners. After doing the same with the lower lip, apply some Rouge Interdit Vinyl N°2, starting in the centre and working outwards.

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