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The Saudi Art Council Has Launched the 4th Edition of Shara Art Fair

Since the start of this year, the Saudi Art Council (SAC) has launched a number of distinct and much-anticipated events centered on the Kingdom’s contemporary art scene. Amongst its central shows has been the 5th edition of 21,39 entitled “Refusing to Be Still,” which started in February and ended recently, and now the Shara Art Fair, which is currently showing at their headquarters in Gold Moor Mall in Jeddah.

The 4th edition of the fair highlights works by several art spaces across the Kingdom such as Al Mansouria Foundation gallery, Hafez gallery, Athr gallery, and Ebdaa gallery. On display are a rich range of contemporary pieces, portraits, calligraphy works, and others, a collection of works by a large number of artists under one roof.

Created to respond to the growing needs of Saudi Arabia’s art and cultural scene, SAC’s programs and initiatives highlight the works of contemporary artists and seek to educate the public as well.

Speaking to Saudi Gazette, Nada Sheikh-Yasin, general manager of the Saudi Art Council, explained that the “purpose of the Shara Art Fair is to provide an opportunity for all galleries within the Kingdom to showcase their artists in a common space and jointly attract a larger number of collectors and visitors.”

Amongst the first attendees of this year’s Shara Art Fair have been many of the city’s art lovers, as well as high-profile guests such as British Consul General Barrie Peach.

“It’s a pleasure to be here this evening for the opening of this exhibition which displays a wide range of interesting and diverse arts by a range of a very talented artists. I think I am going to have to come back again to study some of the art a little bit more,” said Peach while at the gallery.

Commenting on the modern art movement in Saudi Arabia today, Peach said, “It’s absolutely fantastic, I am pleased that many of the new emerging Saudi artists studied in the UK, in London particularly. It is absolutely great to see them being able to work and to display their work in the Kingdom.”

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