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Obsessed: Standout Oud Fragrances

Powerful, complex, heady, irresistible and instantly recognisable, modern oud scents can feature a variety of essential oils. Here are some of our favourite new deep and rich Arabian-inspired perfumes. 

Roja Parfum
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Annick Goutal
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Did you know?
Oud oil’s value is estimated to be 1.5 times that of gold, prompting the term ‘liquid gold’. It’s so expensive because oud (or agarwood) oil is coaxed from evergreens native to Southeast Asia, which get colonised by a certain type of mould and form dark, resinous heartwood. The process takes about a decade, making oud oil extremely sought-after.

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian
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Oud Noir
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Roberto Cavalli
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