A Saudi Woman Builds Mosque with Late Husband’s Retirement Salary

On Saudi Arabian Twittersphere, one heartwarming story has been going viral for the past few days and its no wonder why. A Saudi woman has brought smiles and tears to the Kingdom, after her son revealed that she has been saving up her late husband's retirement salary for 30 years and has now used the money to build a mosque in his memory.

Her story went viral on social media after her son, Mohammad Al Harbi, tweeted about it on Monday. In his tweet, Al Harbi posted a picture of his mother standing on the premises of the newly built place of worship. According to StepFeed, the tweet started widely circulating online just hours after it was first uploaded and continues to make the rounds on Twitter.

Al Harbi’s touching tweet, which already has tens of thousands of likes and retweets, reads: “How great are you, mother... she never enjoyed my late father's modest retirement salary. She spent 30 years saving it up one riyal at a time until she built a mosque in my father's name. May he rest in peace and be granted a place in heaven. We belong to God and to him we return.”

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