Check Out How These 10 Famous Cities Transformed Over Time


Over the last century, the transformation that has taken over some of the world’s most renowned cities has been unprecedented and often stunning. With significant population and economic changes, globalization, and technological and transport developments, many major cities and their residents have had to adapt and alter themselves in a way that is unrivalled in our recent urban history. Today, many of the world's most famous cities either bear little resemblance to their earlier selves or did not even exist until a few decades ago. Here is a look at the transformation of 10 major metropoles:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 2000 And Now

Seoul, South Korea – 1900 And Now

Vilnius, Lithuania – 1900 And Now

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – 1970 And Now

Singapore, Republic Of Singapore – 2000 And Now

Tokyo, Japan - 1945 And Now

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - 1930 And Now

Sydney, Australia - 1932 And Now

Toronto, Canada - 1930 And Now

Shenzen, China - 1964 And Now

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