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5 Ways To Make This Ramadan a Meaningful One

Days can feel unbearably long during the month of Ramadan, especially when you’re impatiently waiting for Iftar and while watching back to back movies is an easy way to pass time, Ramadan is a time for mindfulness, reflection and charity.

To help you along, if you’re stuck for ideas on how to make the holy month a meaningful one for yourself, we’ve put together a short list of things to do that are entertaining, but also won’t interfere with the traditional aspect of Ramadan.

Meditate Your Way to Spiritual Enlightenment
The holy month is the perfect time to discover spiritual practices that work for you and what better way to use meditation as a tool to boost your spirituality, productivity, calmness and mindfulness?

Meditation is a way to train the mind, the same way that fitness is used to train the body, and can also help improve your health as well as alleviate stress and anxiety. Most yoga studios offer meditation classes and what better time to sign up!

Educate Yourself
Taking up a hobby is a great way to pass your time. Whether its floral arrangements, an expert course in baking or calligraphy, and if you become well versed in whatever your passion, you could even use your talents to set up a small business! And now that you have some spare time, go back to school and educate yourself further on things you’re truly passionate about!

Work Off Those Ramadan Feasts
Fasting can often leave you feeling more tired and exhausted than ever, but it’s likely because you over ate at Iftar and Suhoor and woke up feeling sluggish. The only way out of that conundrum is to balance out the over indulgence with a swift work out – nothing too strenuous. Why not get your friends together for a leisurely game of badminton or tennis, a swim or perhaps a relaxing yoga class?

Immerse Yourself In Some Charity Work
Ramadan is all about giving back to the local community and partaking in charity events. With so many charitable initiatives taking place across the month, you’ll be spoilt for choice. You can start small and donate some water, fruit and vegetables to a Ramadan fridge, which are there to prove sustenance to the less fortunate. Alternatively, random acts of kindness are always a rewarding way to keep yourself busy, donate your old clothes to your maid, make a lunch for a homeless person, the list is endless…!

Get Cultured
Theres no better way than a good art gallery, museum or live theatre show to learn more about the history of the country you live in and having some free time before Iftar calls for a trip around your city to the cultural landmarks you likely haven’t been to since your last school trip!

Wherever you live, there will be somewhere to soak up some culture, whether you go to look at the work of a local artist or discover what your city was like centuries ago.

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