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The Spiritual Gains of Fasting this Ramadan

With consumerism taking over, it’s becoming increasingly important to find a peaceful and spiritual connection with ourselves.

Dr Sumaya Alnasser

Materialism is causing us to lose that much needed spiritual connection we need with ourselves. However, Ramadan gives us a chance to work on that bond. As Dr Sumaya Alnasser, the first female Saudi Life and Executive Coach, specialising in self-development explains, fasting makes us quieter and more insightful, leading us to be more focused. Subsequently, this helps us understand ourselves more, which can guide us to make better choices. What’s more, fasting, which is good for the mind, body and soul, allows spiritual energy to flow freely, helping boost a healthy train of thought that isn’t dominated by food and other things.

We ask Alnasser, who has a Certificate of the World Federation of Trainers from America and Doctorate in Theology, about the mental clarity fasting brings. We also get into why fasting is so relevant now with the LA-based coach, who has written a book and delivered over 12,000 hours of coaching.

Fasting removes physical and mental obstacles, allowing spiritual energy to roam freely. How does this help us to understand ourselves more?
What hinders our understanding of our lives is the attachment to the material, and when we fast we are partially free of the material, and we understand ourselves more.

So will this lead to making better choices and decisions about our lives?
Of course, communicating with the spirit always makes you healthier, more mature and closer to yourself.

Can you touch on the mental clarity fasting brings?
True clarity of mind and quiet thoughts make you jump over ideas to touch your feelings and then jump over to adjust your energy. And then you connect with your spirit; a series begins from purity of mind.

So do people who are fasting perform better?
If fasting is not usually for them, the body will not be at its best energy, but they will always work better mentally and emotionally.

4 Ways To Help You Find Inner Peace While Fasting
According to Alnasser, these are some of the best things you can do to help you focus and find internal serenity while fasting:
1- The first step should always be setting an intention. Aim to develop your spirit and change your consciousness this Ramadan.
2- Find moments of quietness that are free from the chaos of feelings.
3- Try to take time out for yourself – away from larger gatherings during the day – and meditate.
4- Be closer to nature – a walk in the park or by the beach – as that helps accelerate the process of development and access to peace.

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