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6 Ways To Stay At The Top Of Your Game This Ramadan

Stay healthy throughout the Holy Month with these tips from an expert.

Dr José Lopez

Ramadan, the blessed and most meaningful month of the year for Muslims, is just around the corner. And while the run up and the thought of revitalising and enhancing spiritual connections is exciting, it’s also important to read up on some health guidelines so we can make the most out of the Holy Month. And luckily for us, Clinique La Prairie, the world-renowned Swiss health and beauty retreat, which has catered to the needs of famous clients for decades, has shared some very useful advice to help us feel our best while fasting.

Here’s what Dr José Lopez, a Medical Director at Clinique La Prairie Spa, recommends:

Look after your skin
While Ramadan may be a little bit easier temperature-wise this year, you still need to hydrate your skin daily to make up for not having water during the day. Using a hydrating cream will help keep your skin looking supple and feeling fresh.

Sip green tea
Drinking herbal green tea after Iftar and before Suhoor every day will keep your body hydrated and purified in a healthy and natural way. What’s more, this habit can eliminate excess fluid and awaken your metabolism. Continue this custom throughout the year as green tea can also slow down ageing and re-energise your body, along with reducing hunger pangs.

Eat a vitamin-rich diet
Your diet should be balanced and include lots of protein and vitamins. So make sure your meal includes some vegetables and fruits like organge and kiwi, which are rich in vitamin C. Carrots ensure your vitamin A intake, while cereals are a great source of Vitamin B.

Choose the right exercise
Forget about strenuous activities during Ramadan, but it’s important you do keep exercising. Opt for softer and calming workouts like aqua gym, swimming, Pilates and yoga, which develop the body’s elasticity.

Cut out the spices
While we may love the zing in foods like peppers and zaatar, they can increase the levels of sugar in our blood, leading to possible diabetes and obesity. As spicy food weakens digestive strength, try to opt for mint, infusions of fennel, basil, chamomile and cardamom, which are easier to digest.

Manage your sleeping patterns
Following a good, healthy diet and persisting with a decent amount of physical activity will help you regulate an eight-hour sleep pattern, which is imperative as the body is in fasting mode. What’s more, for a really good night’s sleep, enjoy an infusion of verbena, chamomile and hot milk.

Eid Ideas
Clinique la Prairie, which has welcomed the likes of Winston Churchill, Marlene Dietrich and Charles de Gaulle and keeps the names of its more recent A-list clients a closely guarded secret, is known for its Rebalancing programme. Combining specialised medical support and Ayurvedic medicines, it is a surefire re-energising approach. The Montreaux haven, just next to the shores of Lake Geneva, is also famous for its Master Detox Program™, which eliminates toxins and stimulates longevity. The purifying plan leads towards a healthier lifestyle and activates your body’s self-healing ability. Both these programmes are perfect for helping you feel transformed, strong and healthy.

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