Rhea Jacobs: The Beauty Blogger Always Creatively Defining Who She Is

The UAE influencer and Marc Jacobs Beauty ambassador shares some ever-so-handy make-up secrets to unlock some new super beauty powers this season.

Rhea Jacobs

Around 104,000 contenders from around the world, including some of the best talents in the competitive social media circle, applied to #CastMeMarc, in the hopes of becoming one of the new faces of Marc Jacobs Beauty. However, it was Rhea Jacobs, a Dubai-based believer in chasing your dreams, wherever you are, beauty blogger and artist, who was selected as one of five ambassadors to represent the luxury beauty brand internationally.


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The Indian behind R. Jacobs The Blog, who wasn’t actually allowed to wear make-up until she was 18, has said growing up in Dubai enabled her to reach for the stars, thanks to the emirates’ visionary leaders. As a winner of the 2016 Instagram casting, which drove Jacobs to talk about how important individuality and creative expression is in fashion and beauty in a three-minute video, she speaks for the brand via interviews, photo shoots and tutorials. And the up-and-coming make-up authority, known for drawing out perfectly winged eyeliner, certainly picked up some hacks from Marc Jacobs’s leading global make-up artists when she was invited to New York. 

So once we sat down with Jacobs, who graduated with a BA Honours in Fashion, we couldn’t help asking her how to prevent make-up melting in the hottest months, ways to stand out this wedding season and, of course, tips for getting that tricky eyeliner down pat.

Jacobs, who recently helped create a special piece for 'The KARA Woman of Substance' campaign, also highlights the importance of telling your own story through your style. And indeed her love for detailed embellishments and embroidery shone through as she joined seven other empowered and dynamic women in the region for the campaign.


How did your passion for make-up begin?
It began as a child, when I used to watch my mother put her make-up on. I have always believed it’s a beautiful way to express creativity.

Could you share some tips for keeping make-up fresh in the hot and humid weather that’s coming up?
Always prime your skin and set your make-up with a setting spray. Also use a refreshing spray to prevent your make-up from drying up. I use the Re(cover) Perfecting Coconut Setting Mist by Marc Jacobs Beauty.

And tracing that perfect winged liner you’re known for?
Follow the natural curve of your eye and always do both eyes simultaneously to ensure everything is even. 

Rhea Jacobs for 'The 'The KARA Woman of Substance' campaign 


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Which make-up myths need to be debunked?
Caking your skin with too much foundation, because foundation is only meant to even skin tone. One drop goes a long way. Concealer is what you need to hide imperfections.

What’s the ultimate spring/summer daytime look for you?
I’ve been investing a lot of time on skincare, so I’ve just been using concealer, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer. I think bold eyes and hydrated lips are two other top priorities. 


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It’s wedding season too, so which of this year’s trends would you rock on a big night out?
I would experiment with coloured eyeliner, especially the metallic tones. 

The spotlight has been on individuality lately. Isn’t that something that’s close to your heart?  
Absolutely, I truly believe in embracing and empowering yourself with the qualities that make you unique and standout, rather than blending in. 

You connect with Marc Jacobs because he knows the importance of being who you are. What do you have in common with the KARA woman?
I believe it’s the fact you can follow your dreams as a strong and empowered woman of today. 

Is there a story behind the piece you created for 'The KARA Woman of Substance' campaign?
We wanted to express my love for detailed embroidery and embellishments and accentuate it with feminine silhouettes.


Colour-blocking with pastel tones this summer with @tods #todsdubai @thedubaimall

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How would you define style? 
Style is individual; your style should define your own aesthetic and story. 

Should we expect any other special projects this year?
Absolutely, there are a lot of exciting things in the pipeline by God’s grace. Stay tuned to find out more!  

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