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3 Reasons to Visit Zimbabwe, a Country of Wonders

An awesome variety of scenery and activities, one of Africa’s finest and largest concentrations of wildlife and a rich culture make the new Zimbabwe a magnet for Middle Eastern travellers.

Hwange National Park

The mission to transform Zimbabwe includes a focus on tourism development, creating a renewed interest in the southern African country. In 2017, the nation that is undergoing a new era recorded 7,537 arrivals, a 58 percent increase from 2016. And with its colourful cultural background, spectacular patchwork of landscapes and the diversity of wildlife found around the parks, reserves and safari areas, it’s not surprising to see why tourists are flocking there.

Elephant herd at Little Makalolo

The great news is that Zimbabwe, described as safe and friendly by visitors, is easy to get to from the Middle East, with various airlines offering services from Dubai. What’s more, the destination offers a wide range of luxury accommodation options for people coming from the region, ranging from city hotels, lodges and tented camps across the country.

A Variety of Landscapes

Lake Kariba

There’s a striking mix of landscapes in Zimbabwe from Highveld, a most outstanding geographical feature in the central plateau, to one of the world’s great wonders, Victoria Falls. Creating a thundering 108m drop, Victoria Falls is over a kilometre long, making it, along with Niagara Falls and Iguacu Falls, one of the biggest three waterfalls on earth. It’s known locally as the Mosi-oa-Tunya (translated to the smoke that thunders). And whether you see the curtain of water, a furious collage of sound, colour and earth-shaking movement, from a helicopter ride or dare to look over its edge from Devil's Pools, it’s simply an unforgettable experience.

The Easatern Highlands

Then, of course, there’s the fact the falls are located over the Zambezi River. In the very western tip of the country, on the northern border with Zambia, the Zambezi is Africa’s fourth largest and least spoilt river. The construction of the high Kariba dam wall, an amazing engineering achievement, has tamed the strength of the mighty Zambezi. It has also created one of the world’s largest man-made lakes and you’ll find lots of picturesque resorts around the 180 square kilometre Kariba Lake.

Victoria Falls

To the east, the mystical Eastern Highlands form a narrow north-south trending mountainous belt, some 250 km in extent, along the Mozambique border. It’s the most varied geomorphic province in Zimbabwe and a complete contrast to the lowland areas of the southeast. Scenic Vumba is an area of ancient forest, sub-tropic plants and home to the Vumba Botanic Gardens, while Nyanga is a region of mountains, waterfalls and trout streams.

The wildlife and rich conservation make Zimbabwe even more of a travel bucket list option. You can spot the Big Five in its national parks, which are home to 100 species of mammals, 400 bird species and some 1,000 tree and shrub varieties. At the top national parks, like Matusadona and Mana Pools, the latter being a Unesco World Heritage–listed site, you’re guaranteed close encounters with hippos, rhinos and a wide variety of imposing wildlife.

Cultural Attractions

Great Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is also a land of culture and hospitality. Its cultural diversity ranges from music and dance to food and festivals, which are all a source of fascination for visitors.

A dancer from Zimbabwe

The landlocked country is also home to a Unesco World Heritage Site, the ruined city of Great Zimbabwe. The country takes its present day name from the national monument, which is one of Zimbabwe’s greatest architectural features. Once home to as many as 20,000 people, the ruined city is made up of conical towers, columns and meandering stone walls, which are at least five metres high.

Adventure & Activities

White water rafting in the Eastern Highlands

Zimbabwe offers a variety of activities that suit all ages. Some of the adrenaline-packed options include bungee jumping, zip lining, rhino trekking and mountain climbing. Then, of course there’s white water rafting, just imagine doing it on the Zambezi’s class 3 – 5 rapids.  As well as experiencing some of the world’s most exciting and challenging rapids, you can marvel at the magnificent beauty of the Batoka Gorge. Bird watching, horse riding, sunset cruises and visiting rock art sites are just some of the soft activities to be enjoyed.

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