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Hania: Truly Luxurious Abayas

Hania Al Braikan

Hania, the luxury fashion label based in Saudi Arabia, has become renowned for its signature exquisite abayas and sheilas in recent years. For Autumn/Winter 2016, Hania developed a stunning collection that is opulent and versatile, making it ideal for the modern woman looking for uniqueness. Each of the stellar pieces are crafted from the finest silks, chiffons and Japanese crepe and completed with precious elements such as Swarovski crystals, which inject an additional touch of dazzling glamour. We caught up with founder, Hania Al Braikan, to know more about what goes into the making of these elegant creations.

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Interview with Hania Al Braikan

Tell us about yourself. What should people know?
I’m a fashion designer, business woman, wife and mother. After I gained my bachelor’s degree in Economics, I took some courses in photography and fashion. I have always adored the creative arts and finally launch my own brand in 2011.

What inspires you?
I can’t pinpoint any one type of inspiration. I am inspired by my numerous travels and the many inspirational women I have met. There's a new found inspiration for every collection I create.

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Abaya Style Evolution

Abayas have come such a long way, and the market is very competitive now. How do you keep up and maintain your own unique identity?
Yes, it is very important for us to stay up-to-date. We strive to create a new notion and find new inspiration each time we create a line, but we always ensure to reserve the Hania style DNA that we're known for.

How would you describe the Hania woman?
The Hania women is someone who embodies confidence and is looking for something luxurious and unique.

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Accessorising Abayas

What are some accessorizing tips for when an abaya is already so tastefully embellished?  
It definitely depends on the style of the abaya. If a piece is full of embroidery and embellishment, I believe that simple accessories create a more elegant finish. However, if you have chosen a simplistic piece, feel free to add a bit more bling.

How is the embroidery carried out?
It is very important to me that the embroidery and embellishments are created and applied by hand. I’m obsessed with handmade work. In my opinion, it adds a certain charm and spirit to each piece. It's a touch of luxury.

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