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Adventure Lovers in Saudi Arabia Set Their Sights Mountain-High

People sometimes complain that life in Saudi Arabia is boring. Qimmam Adventure Clubs begs to differ. The adventurers have climbed Mount Ibrahim and Mount Shada, and are on the prowl for more challenging peaks.

Though they all live in the Kingdom, they come from different countries and have high qualifications. Many have started outdoor sports clubs and programs before, and want to share their passion with Saudi Arabia.


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They carefully plan trips and treks around the nation, and even help groups plan trips outside of the country – they helped one group conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, giving training and gear.

It sounds great, but not anyone can join. To be a part of Qimmam, you have to specialize in at least one outdoor sport. But don’t worry if you aren’t an experienced adventurer, they’re happy to assist on climbs regardless of experience, according to an interview with Destination KSA.

The group has many climbs planned, in and out of Saudi Arabia, and they even have a map of trails in the country. Check it out if you’re looking for a start to outdoor sports – the site is detailed and will tell you the difficulty level, best season to take the hike, and whether or not it has network coverage.

They also keep a log of their trips and upcoming trips, so you can see the incredible spots they’ll climb, how much the trip costs, and how long it will take. If you can’t make the date, don’t worry – you can set your own customized trip and ask them to help you train for your adventure.

You can reach them through their website, and you’ll be on your way to scaling the world’s toughest peaks in no time! For the less adventurous, you can follow their adventures on Instagram.

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