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These are Some of the Most Hashtagged Places in KSA

Saudi Arabia is a big country, and people are finding their way onto social media. We found some of the most hashtagged places in the country, and they show that citizens are proud of where they’re from.

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KSA, #ksa, 25,109,317
This is no surprise, people love being Saudi and showing the world what the KSA life looks like! Posts go from comedy to fashion to religious trips, showing how diverse KSA life can be.

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Riyadh, #riyadh, 12,692,023
The kingdom’s most populated city takes second place on our list! Under this hashtag you’ll find lots of outfits of the day, delicious food, and some of the trendiest places in the city.

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Jeddah, #jeddah, 3,999,787
KSA’s second-biggest city, Jeddah has a spot on this list for posts on Royal Brunei Airline’s first all-female flight crew, food photos, and gorgeous make-up!

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Makkah, #mecca, #makkah, 1,468,259
The holy city is visited by millions of people every year during Hajj. The beauty of the city and its religious importance makes many visitors want to share their experience with the world.

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Madina, #madina, 421,635
This city is home to the three oldest mosques. Al Masjid Al Nabawi is the burial site of the Prophet Muhammad, so it is an important place for devout Muslims, and is a beautiful work of architecture.

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Kaaba, #kaaba, 80,531
At the heart of Makkah, the Kaaba is the center of Hajj. People who make the pilgrimage from all over the world love to share their experience on social media.

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Quba, #quba, 60,089
The Quba Mosque is one of the oldest in history. It draws people from around the country because the Prophet Muhammad was said to have placed the first stones of the mosque. With such a rich history, its no wonder people want their friends to see this beautiful mosque.

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