Proof That Saudi Arabia’s Young Women Are Our Future

Saudi Arabian women represented their country in incredible ways this past year. From aspiring engineers to volunteers and ambassadors, these are some of the most inspiring young women from the Kingdom.

Razan Al-Aqeel
This first year political science student was the first Arab girl to be a youth ambassador for the United Nations Youth Assembly. She met with other youth in the United States to discuss ‘the world that we want in 2030,’ and talked about 150 global issues and ways to solve them. She emphasizes the importance of youth volunteers, and has spent 250 hours volunteering in KSA, and 100 hours in the United States.

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Zuhoor Yamani

While studying at the Florida Institute of Technology, Yamani undertook a graduation project like no other. She and her teammates worked on a way to 3-D print prosthetic arms for children amputees. Her project won the university’s President’s Cup Award, first place among engineering projects, and first place for an interdisciplinary project.

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Nouf Al Jabri

Al Jabri, a student at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, received second place at a Falling Walls competition for her project. She also got third place on a list of Falling Walls’ Young Innovators of the Year. She earned those honors because of her work on a way to convert plastic into fuel that creates less greenhouse gas. We don’t understand the scientific process, but we hope she keeps working on it.

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Rahaf Alsaieri

An Effat University student, Alsaieri was chosen as the youth delegate for Youth for Human Rights International at the United Nations. She is one of seventy-two young men and women acting as spokespeople at the 13th annual Human Rights Summit in New York.

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Tamara Al Tayeb

This University College London graduate was chosen as Saudi Arabia’s Education UK Alumni Ambassador for 2016. She has worked in the Kingdom’s Public Health Agency and oversaw the National Tuberculosis Control Programme (among others). She has shown dedication to keeping the people of her country healthy.

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